Experience or Technology?

There are days, not too often, where I need technology help and then, thank heavens, our older son is a techno wizard….however, the look I get when he fixes my problem in maybe a nano second…(not really but it seems like that). That occurance leads me to ask, experience or technology, we really need both but more and more I am confronting new Realtors that have extensive experience in technology but no real estate experience.  Way back in the stone age in real estate (just kidding), new agents had to have experience with a Broker and have done several transactions.  No more, they start out most of them with minimal training, if that, and probably hope for the best.  Then the new Realtors show my listings and have no idea what they are doing. Now I don’t mind helping anyone in the business, but please don’t give me attitude, and the “Who do you think you are?”… I just answer I have been in the industry a long time and have learned a lot.  There are a few young ones, that are willing to learn, and I have learned from them: easier ways, a new app, new form etc. Those will go a long way and make us all proud, but it seems that most think this is a quick way to earn a buck…not good for our profession.

 I am excited as I am attending another YPN REBAR Camp, I learn so much from the “kids”!

So my Fellow Realtors, let’s be good to each other.

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After awhile…I lose it completely!

It never ceases to amaze me the Realtors I run into on a daily basis in showing property.  I have a long time customer that is looking to downsize and purchase a smaller home.  In the process of making appointments, I have encountered  an amazing group of listing agents.  A small number are very professional and want to market and show their listings, a larger number are lucky to find the front door when it is presented to them.  Since the inventory is limited in some price ranges, I have no alternative but to deal with them. Since I am in Miami, there is a wealth of unprofessional, uneducated, every other adjective you can think of and more.  I try desperately to be polite, but after awhile I lose it completely.  Not good, and I mentally slap myself as my objective is to find a home for my customers, even if I have to wade through a pile! I think you get my drift.  I would call this one of my rants and raves, but it is almost beyond that. In my perfect world, or close to it, managers/brokers would train their agents to be responsive to calls, appointments, inquiries on listings.  I was always taught, to return calls ASAP or they will call someone else.  I also try to accommodate showing times, as long as it didn’t conflict with my customers/sellers.  I have even shown a home at midnight, with my car lights, to a customer who was coming off a flight and that was the only time he could see the property.  He ultimately purchased it.

So my fellow Realtors, be good to each other and most importantly, be professional with each other.

Until Next Monday,

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Robot or Realtor?

The future is upon us, but actually we are so behind, the future is here and some of us may be phased out entirely.  What am I talking about?  ROBOTS! Several companies, one in California, one in Brooklyn currently employ Bots to show real estate and take questions from Buyers.  Artificial intelligence, programmed into the Bots, can aid Realtors in showing property and simplify the process of selling property.  These Bots can also cost less for their services than the average Realtor charges.  Several other large companies believe that while the Bots can be helpful, the Realtor is critical to the transaction.   So think of all the machines that help us as Realtors, in our daily lives and think about what Bots may or can do…so what do you think?  Robot or Realtor …either way…let’s be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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T.M.I…Oh My!

Have you ever heard T.M.I.“Too much information”?  I am sure that we as Realtors want to give our customers, in this case Buyers, as much info as we can so as to help them make their decision in the home buying process.  But what if I said too much information can be very bad?  You would probably think I was a little crazy or a lot crazy.  Let me explain: everything you tell your customers, they will remember, and just maybe come back to haunt you.  For example, what’s the crime like in this neighborhood?  Instead of telling them this is a wonderful neighborhood, tell them to go online and check in with the local police station for the local crime stats. What about the schools and what school district is this home in?  Again, because of changing districts, neighborhoods, elementary and middle schools have boundary changes all the time.  Have them type in the address in the school district and they will see what the schools are.  You can have all this information printed up and given to them as an initial package for the home buying process.  This, in many instances, will absolve you of future liability. There is nothing wrong with helping in the home buying/selling process, just be careful what you say and how much you say or it just may come back to bite you in the long run.

Let’s be good to each other…Let’s be REALTORS

Until Next Monday…

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Who Do You Work For?

I was asked the other day: Who do you work for? And without thinking, I said: ME!  Wrong, but not really.  In my pea brain, we are self employed.  But the question was asked from a transactional  aspect.  We all know absent a single or a non-rep signed representation form, that we are presumed to be transaction agents.  So from that perspective, we are working in concert for the Buyer and Seller to close the transaction, to their mutual benefit.  We try to bring both sides together, albeit, the Seller wants the highest price and the Buyer wants to buy at the lowest price.  We are working for mutual benefit for both sides.  So that being said, stop and look around us in the world today.  If we had transactional politics, business, education etc., we would have a better world around us.  Mutually beneficial for all and everyone comes out with a sense of accomplishment.  I liken this to many years ago, I sold a home to a young news anchor, who had just come into town. He was so happy after the closing that he did cartwheels in the parking lot of the title company…sheer happiness.

No head banging or ranting and raving today!

Let’s be good to each other and all that we meet in our daily lives to our mutual benefit!

Until Next Monday,

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Take it or Leave it

As I showed property this week to several Buyers, I learned to ask….”What is included in the sale?”  Many Realtors don’t take the time to check with the Seller as to what stays or not.  We fail to inform the Seller that unless it is excluded….IT STAYS! And that is what gets us into all kinds of trouble.  Here is my very own example: I bring my Buyer into a home that has a beautiful pewter chandelier in the dining room. I don’t ask if it is included or excluded as the Seller is a Realtor, actually I never thought to ask, as I assume (and you know what that word means) that she knows what to do having been around for some time  We go through our due diligence, etc. and proceed to close.  The day of the walk thru, as we are in the home making sure all is there, the Buyer says: “Where is the chandelier?” and the Seller says, it doesn’t stay, it’s my great grandmother’s.  Upon which I announce, that it was not excluded so you need to leave it.  We are now in a stand-off , and I wait to see what the next comment will be. Since the Seller is a Realtor and she is not a first timer at this, she looks at me and says, OK.  And we go happily to close.  So what does this tell you?  ALWAYS ask your Seller, what stays and what goes, thereby avoiding problems. I have seen old appliances replace the brand new ones prior to closing plus, new doors replaced with old…..it’s amazing.

So my Fellow Realtors, let’s be good to each other. Until Next Monday…

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Driving the Transaction

The real estate contract (as I have said in other posts) drives the transaction.

But what about the addenda? We have many addenda: lead base paint, appraisal, etc. These addenda, if checked, also drive the transaction and in some cases can supersede what is written in the contract.  Most Realtors don’t acknowledge this part of the contract. They continually go back to the main body of the contract and for that very reason get into trouble.  Supersede, by it’s very definition, means to go over, or replace.  If an addendum is added to the contract, and is signed by all, that addendum supersedes if there is a clause in the contract that is in opposition to the addendum.  Remember addendum is singular and addenda is plural.  I have gotten into many arguments with Realtors over addenda, or addendum.  They consistently want to refer to the main body of the contract as final when an addendum that is part of the contract is in opposition. So my fellow Realtors, remember, an addendum takes priority over the main body of the contract.

Let’s be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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