Time is of the Essence

Time is of the Essence.  What exactly does that mean?  It means: Once a contract is executed, you HAVE to proceed according to the dictates of the contract that your customer has signed.  If you go one day beyond, or do not perform according to that contract,  your customer has defaulted according to the contract.  You can cause your customer to lose their deposit, and possibly become liable yourself.  You are the expert and in many instances, your Buyer or Seller depends on you to guide them in the right direction.  And if you fail to deposit or fail to hand the deposit to the designated Broker in a timely fashion, you and your Broker may face consequences from Fla Statute 475, which governs us in the practice of real estate.  When I have a customer, whether Buyer or Seller and the contract is executed, I then email the other Realtor and state the effective date.  After  30+ years of selling real estate, no one has ever disputed my calculation of the effective date.  That puts everyone on notice, and the count begins.  So my Fellow Realtors, enough for compliance this week, be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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Compliance: The Beginning and the End

So my fellow Realtors, I promised you a series on compliance.  Some of you are wondering what do I mean by compliance.  According to Webster, it means the act or process of complying to a desire, demand etc.  In real estate terms it means following or complying with our Fla. Statutes 475.  I have gotten multiple calls on teams, real estate teams to be more exact.  Some of you are not happy with the way the Florida Real Estate Commission is dealing with the concept of teams.  FREC is not developing a new way of looking at the law or even enforcing the law.  It is already there, they are just reiterating or re-stating the law.  The Broker/Company Is Responsible For His/Her/Their Agents. That is the beginning and the end.  Real Estate teams have gone crazy.  They advertise with their team name and No Where in the ad is the brokerage name, and the public believes that the Team is a company.  This is the perception. And throughout the state of Florida we have some large teams, which is fine.  However, they have to comply with the law as do we all.  If I as a licensee with XYZ Realty have to put on my business card, XYZ Realty , then so does a 2 , 5, 25 licensee team, so that the public knows who is responsible.  That’s compliance with the law.

Fellow Realtors…until next week,  be kind to each other.

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When I say “you”…I mean your buyer!

I hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Amazing, you cook or plan for a few days and it is gone in a heartbeat! Oh well as my boys say.

Today is  a blog on compliance, and what is that you ask….it means to make sure you don’t get into trouble within the real estate industry.  I will, in the next couple of weeks, get into several areas where you need to be more careful than usual.  First, while showing property, the Buyer will ask…..”what’s the neighborhood like”?  That question can mean anything from, crime rate, sexual predators or anything inbetween.  Don’t volunteer any information you wouldn’t swear on a Bible and even then: don’t!  So what do you say?There are sites, that give you where sexual predators reside, police departments will give you crime stats for the neighborhood, counties or municipalities will give you school info.  I say “you” but I mean your Buyer. Have a sheet prepared with these websites and phone numbers.  Then communicate to your customer, that they should call or visit the websites as they may have more questions that they might want to ask.  If you provide the information, you could have opened yourself up to liability especially if your customer relies upon that information. Sometimes if asked, you can walk the neighborhood with the Buyer and ask the neighbors how it is in the neighborhood, the only problem with that is be careful what you ask as you could get infomation you may not want to know.  Better let the customer call or go on line for all information. Remember, think before you open your mouth as you may end up with your foot in there. So my fellow Realtors, be good to each other!

Until next Monday…

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What we have here is a failure to communicate

I know I may be dating myself but…remember the movie Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman?  There’s a classic line in the movie: “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.  And that line is so appropriate because it describes one of the biggest complaints from our customers or former customers: a failure to communicate.  In fact, it tops the list of complants that the public has to say about their agent or former agent.

The minute we receive a signed listing agreement, we begin to taper off in our communications with our customers.  Have you ever gotten an expired listing with a customer because the previous agent did not communicate with them?  Other than calling to show, there was no communication…no feedback from the buyers that went through the property.  Nothing about if the home showed well or if there were things that could have been fixed, cleaned or just put away…does the home look good over the time it was shown…zip, zilch, nada, zero….nothing…NO communication at all.  This is, as I mentioned before, the number one complaint about us! “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” 

Until next week, my fellow Realtors…open your mouths and talk to your customers: Communicate!

From me to each and every one of you…Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Until Next Monday…

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I can’t write and who would read it or even care?

I usually have an overabundance of topics to cover in my blog, but today I need to give thanks as Thanksgiving is coming and we should reflect upon various people in their lives that have influenced us and generally made us a better person.  Of course it is my family, as it is for all of us, but there have been several exceptional people in my life that I give thanks for….and that is Deborah Boza-Valledor.  Now I have mentioned her before,
but I have to tell you all again that she is truly amazing.  She suggested I write a blog and my reaction was: I can’t write and who would read it or even care?  And Deborah said to just write about what happens in my real-life real estate business.  Well, I gotta tell you that I ruminated over that for several weeks and finally started.  I continued to say, Who is going to read what I write?  But you did and what amazed me at first as I began to rant and rave about various problems in the industry,  Deborah encouraged me …seems that many of you had the same problems.  So in the few weeks before Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Deborah and the impact she has and continues to have on my life.  Thank you, Deborah for all you do and continue to do.

Until Next Monday…

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The Secret to Our Success

Yes, I know, I often tell you to set goals and those goals are your Roadmap to Success.  Many articles I have read seem to disagree.  Many people give you advice about how to be successful.  These people are usually successful themselves.  So it is easy for them to say.  And if you really push the successful ones, many will say they failed multiple times.  You can be passionate about your career but not work at it.  You can love something but again, not be willing to work hard for it.


For most of us the secret to our success is hard work.  We have probably failed several times.  Failure is a guide to success.  Some of the greatest inventions happened after incredible failures.  We learn from our failures and mistakes and we go on…maybe to fail a few more times.  Buried in those failures, is our success, we just need to keep at it.  As this year comes to an end and you look to 2018…set those goals and don’t worry if you fail, once , twice or multiple times, for success comes out of failure.

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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Lesson Learned!

I have always thought that the more I know, the better Realtor I Am…” NOT” as my sons say. And in this case they may be right.  I have done many open houses over 30 plus years.  But I came to realize that you or I should say I, tended to get comfortable with doing things the same old way and the longer you do things, the more often you tend to get lazy. And your attendance tends to suffer.  So I thought I would spend more time preparing for my Open House in hopes that I would get better attendance.  So I concentrated on mail-outs – to neighborhood, to various customers looking for an investments, to those looking for a home in this price range,  to the public  and more.  The Open House Day came and I had brochures, aerials, overviews pictures, neighborhood stats, etc.  I was totally blown away with more attendance than I ever had in the last several years.  It was amazing and then it dawned on me, I had become lazy, and only did what I absolutely had to do.  Then I got a call and a couple that had seen the house at my Open…their Realtor is bringing an offer!  I also picked up several Buyers along the way from the Open.  I just got lazy…this teaches me you can sit back and rest on your backside or you can go the extra mile and do what you are supposed to do…to represent your customer. Lesson Learned for sure!

Let’s be good to each other…let’s be REALTORS.

Until Next Monday…

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