Great Example

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it reminded me of my Dad.  He was an amazing father, he encouraged me when I needed it and chastised me (which was often) when I  really needed it.  All in all he set a great example of what I believe was the epitome of a Dad.  He passed away many years ago and I still miss him to this day and always will.  So for those of you that are fathers or are going to be, thank you for your guidance to your kids…you are the example that your children will either emulate or look up to.

Thank you Maurice for being a great Dad to our sons. 

My fellow REALTORS: be good to each other and make it a special week!

Until next Monday,

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How come you didn’t tell me?

As I prepare to show property today, I am thinking back to the first few years in real estate….now that’s going back to prehistoric times (my sons would say!). Nevertheless, I remember a Buyer asking me what the neighborhood was like and I remember saying…”It’s a great neighborhood, lots of kids etc.”.  My Buyer came right back and said..”How do you Know?”  That made me think, who lived here, schools, sexual predators, crime and a multitude of things. So I began to research and put together a list of general numbers to call, websites, such as school system, private schools, municipalities with police stats, you name it I covered it.

Then along comes RPR from NAR and that site covers other areas, such as demographics, incomes, education of residents etc.  So now when I am asked, I produce a long list of everything and everywhere, to answer almost anything you can think of.  The only exception is the Buyer has to call, or research each and every site, the reason being, they are learning first hand…I am not telling them.  The worst thing I can ever hear from my customers, be it Buyers or Sellers is…”How come you didn’t tell me?

So my fellow Realtors..let’s be good to each other!!

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What would you have done?

OK, today is where I may make multiple enemies. I received an offer for one of my listings, the buyer’s agent doesn’t speak English or very little, and I don’t speak Spanish…not even a little.  So she is probably better off than me.  The contract was not done correctly and I am having a hard time trying to explain to her what is wrong.  I am sure we will get through the transaction, but this happens all the time.  I suggested she speak to her Broker but that got me nowhere.  I finally had to rewrite the contract as she has no understanding of disclosures.  I received a signed Seller’s agent, a signed transition to transaction agent and a transaction agent notice.  I received a lead base paint disclosure and the property was built after 1978.  I am in the minority, I know, by not speaking Spanish, but somehow I wonder about that.  We give the state course and test in Spanish so there is no need to learn the language (English) that the contracts and addendum are required to be in to be legally binding. So back to this offer…I am not sure what her representation is in reference to her Buyer so I am confused, all the way around.  So my fellow Realtors, I am looking to you for advice.  What would you have done?

Along the way, don’t forget to be good to each other.

Until next Monday….


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I could go on for days…

As I am thinking about what I will write about today, it is pouring rain, and it reminds me of 7+ years ago that I began to write this blog.  I am not a writer, as I told my friend, Deborah, when she suggested that I do this.  The only thing I know about writing is that I can spell (and my kids say…So?). So I write about everyday real estate issues, issues that I thought only happened to me – problems that I encountered every day in my real estate world…and come to find out: you all have the same problems!  Professionalism…and I can’t even go there for fear my desk will break for the severe pounding from my head.  Contract issues…it is amazing more of us don’t get sued as many have no clue how to write a contract, much less what the words….effective date means.  How many times have you heard this…Can you show my Buyer as I am busy and they really want to see your listing?   What does procuring cause really mean? I could go on for days with these issues…Florida Realtors has a professional PAG/committee and we will be grappling with the professional issue… stay tuned it should be interesting.

On this Memorial Day: to all our veterans out there, those laid to rest and those with us…Thank you eternally for your service. I wouldn’t be writing this nor would you be reading this if it weren’t for their service to our country.

So my fellow Realtors, be good to each other. Until next Monday…

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Who do you work for?

Who do you work for?  Did you ever stop and think about that?  Do you…work for yourself, your broker, your buyer, your seller, for the transaction, for the commission?   Interesting questions, as I, myself,  have never really thought about that.  You could actually say you work for all of the above.  But where does your allegiance lie, if you are an agent, you are ultimately responsible to your Broker, but you have an responsibility to your customer….Buyer or Seller if you are a single agent…the transaction if you are a transaction Broker (remember, Florida is a presumptive Transaction Brokerage state).  Interestingly enough, many agents I have met are only in the transaction for the commission and some don’t care how they get it.  So think about it….where is your allegiance?  And how does that reflect in your daily activities in the world of real estate?

Until next Monday…let’s be good to each other…let’s be Realtors!

Until Next Monday…


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Forced Savings

Today (Sunday) is Mother’s Day so before I get into real estate , I want to wish all the Mothers a wonderful day with their families.  I am not going to rant and rave today, but I will reinforce what we all forget in our day to day activities……..Buying Real Estate, whether it be residential or commercial piece is a forced savings program! I was discussing the purchase of real estate with a Buyer recently and she asked me what I felt was the one reason for the purchase of a home. And several reasons ran thru’ my mind and the one that always jumps out is “forced savings”.  I am sure my Mom would mumble as I would babysit with my 3 brothers (and they were hellions!) or throughout the neighborhood and if I would earn any money at all, she had us saving it in our piggy banks, mine was a frog bank.  Now more than ever, a home is a forced savings account.  Real estate, residential or commercial is exactly that.  Appreciation helps a great deal towards that savings.  Looking back over American history, all the multi-millionaires in our country bought real estate and realized extraordinary gains over time.  Added to that are the tax benefits, but those are secondary to the savings, equity that builds up.

So my fellow Realtors, I am off on Monday to NAR in Washington D.C. to lobby our legislators for our industry. As always, the more of us that open our mouths, the better it is…..even if the gains are small. After all the legislators work for us, not the other way around.

Until next Monday…


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Courtesy and R-E-S-P-E-C-T…

For the past several months, I have been working with Buyers.  So now, I have picked up several listings.  Utilizing ShowingAssist, makes it easier to have/make appointments.  So wait for it…here it comes: it is also easier to cancel appointments when you have already made them.  So how hard is it to cancel if you can’t make it? Obviously too difficult if you are an unprofessional agent who has no respect for anyone else’s time and efforts.  Where is the Broker of the office in the training of their agents…and don’t get me started on that topic as I could write a book as I suspect most of you could?  Common courtesy and respect for the other Realtor’s time and efforts, not to mention, how our customers view the professionalism of our industry.

So my fellow Realtors, let’s be respectful and courteous when it comes to each other – that goes a long way in my estimation toward Professionalism.

P.S. – If you run a small business like me…be sure to read this week’s Tip: 5 Small Business Branding Guidelines = Big Opportunity. Look in the right hand column of this blog!

Until next Monday…

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