Who do you work for?

Who do you work for?  Did you ever stop and think about that?  Do you…work for yourself, your broker, your buyer, your seller, for the transaction, for the commission?   Interesting questions, as I, myself,  have never really thought about that.  You could actually say you work for all of the above.  But where does your allegiance lie, if you are an agent, you are ultimately responsible to your Broker, but you have an responsibility to your customer….Buyer or Seller if you are a single agent…the transaction if you are a transaction Broker (remember, Florida is a presumptive Transaction Brokerage state).  Interestingly enough, many agents I have met are only in the transaction for the commission and some don’t care how they get it.  So think about it….where is your allegiance?  And how does that reflect in your daily activities in the world of real estate?

Until next Monday…let’s be good to each other…let’s be Realtors!

Until Next Monday…


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Forced Savings

Today (Sunday) is Mother’s Day so before I get into real estate , I want to wish all the Mothers a wonderful day with their families.  I am not going to rant and rave today, but I will reinforce what we all forget in our day to day activities……..Buying Real Estate, whether it be residential or commercial piece is a forced savings program! I was discussing the purchase of real estate with a Buyer recently and she asked me what I felt was the one reason for the purchase of a home. And several reasons ran thru’ my mind and the one that always jumps out is “forced savings”.  I am sure my Mom would mumble as I would babysit with my 3 brothers (and they were hellions!) or throughout the neighborhood and if I would earn any money at all, she had us saving it in our piggy banks, mine was a frog bank.  Now more than ever, a home is a forced savings account.  Real estate, residential or commercial is exactly that.  Appreciation helps a great deal towards that savings.  Looking back over American history, all the multi-millionaires in our country bought real estate and realized extraordinary gains over time.  Added to that are the tax benefits, but those are secondary to the savings, equity that builds up.

So my fellow Realtors, I am off on Monday to NAR in Washington D.C. to lobby our legislators for our industry. As always, the more of us that open our mouths, the better it is…..even if the gains are small. After all the legislators work for us, not the other way around.

Until next Monday…


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Courtesy and R-E-S-P-E-C-T…

For the past several months, I have been working with Buyers.  So now, I have picked up several listings.  Utilizing ShowingAssist, makes it easier to have/make appointments.  So wait for it…here it comes: it is also easier to cancel appointments when you have already made them.  So how hard is it to cancel if you can’t make it? Obviously too difficult if you are an unprofessional agent who has no respect for anyone else’s time and efforts.  Where is the Broker of the office in the training of their agents…and don’t get me started on that topic as I could write a book as I suspect most of you could?  Common courtesy and respect for the other Realtor’s time and efforts, not to mention, how our customers view the professionalism of our industry.

So my fellow Realtors, let’s be respectful and courteous when it comes to each other – that goes a long way in my estimation toward Professionalism.

P.S. – If you run a small business like me…be sure to read this week’s Tip: 5 Small Business Branding Guidelines = Big Opportunity. Look in the right hand column of this blog!

Until next Monday…

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It’s never over!

Each week when I write my blog, I learn to listen to myself….hope that makes sense, as sometimes we forget to do what we know we should do.  What a convoluted (how’s that for a $20 word) statement!  When we facilitate a sale, we are immersed in our Buyer/Seller, and develop an intense relationship.  And after the closing…Next! We go on to the next transaction.  The phrase…”It’s not over till it’s over” now carry that thought further in our business…then it SHOULD be “it’s never over“. We need to continue to maintain that relationship with our customers, maybe a phone call to see how they are doing, maybe a quick visit, or a note to say hello.  This is an immense well of referrals as you have always maintained contact.  It’s easy to tell you to do this but it is much harder to remember to do…especially when we get busy.

So my fellow Realtors, let’s be good to each other and remember “it’s never over“.

Until Next Monday…

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What does New Price, Reduction, Owner Very Motivated really mean?

Today I went through the Miami Herald, and yes I still read the printed, paper version.  The reasoning behind it is the real estate ads, the full, half, quarter and all the smaller ones. I do that to discern the market conditions.  Now I know you may think I am nuts, but what does…New Price, Reduction, Owner Very Motivated (with exclamation marks) mean in a market place?  It means we have an over abundant supply available in the open market.  Prices are going down as inventory is going up.   Supply and demand, a basic economic theory and one that your Sellers should begin to recognize.  Several months ago, the inventory was very slim and Buyers were hiding in the bushes (literally) to grab the first available home as it came on the market place, even though many of the homes were overpriced.  So this tells us that we need to constantly be aware of the marketplace that we deal with. Your Buyers and Sellers need to be very aware of what is going on and this is where communication is extremely important.  Tell them the truth. Unfortunately many agents take a listing at any price, just to get the listing and when there is little activity, now they have to get a reduction in order to get a contract and ultimately a closing.

So my fellow Realtors, be cautious in this marketplace, be honest with your Sellers and Buyers and be good to each other!

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Listen…do you want to know a secret?

As I write my blog today, I am somewhat conflicted.  A long time customer of mine is searching to downsize to a smaller condo or single family. I am sure this has happened to many of you, she and her husband stopped at an open house without me. But to her credit she immediately told the Realtor that she was working with me and she signed in and put my name next to hers.  Now I always tell my customers to please wait for me but…as we all know, it doesn’t always happen.  I know we all want to sell our own listings but it doesn’t always work that way.  So to continue on, my customer tells the Realtor my name, thinking he knows me……with over 50K licensees in Miami-Dade county, I am flattered she thinks the world knows me! Of course this other Realtor says he has no clue who I am, which doesn’t bother me in the least, however what he said next does bother me. He told my customers that he would give them a much better deal if they use him instead of me!  I know this will sound self-serving, but in 35 years of selling real estate, I have never told a Buyer or Seller that…NEVER!

It never ceases to amaze me the lack of professionalism in our business, so no wonder we are positioned in surveys as less than used car salespeople.  We are our own worst enemy. For a moment, I thought about calling the Broker of record but then why waste my time as that is obviously the climate in his office.  My customers, who have bought and sold various pieces of real estate in their lifetime, actually liked the property but said they have no use for someone such as that Realtor  (with ethics like that,and why call him a Realtor).

So my fellow Realtors, let’s be good to each other. Until next Monday!

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Educate your Sellers

I read an interesting article yesterday in the paper.  A Seller put their home on the market with a Realtor and with the first showing, the Seller instead of totally leaving the property, went across the street to their neighbor’s home and watched.  The Buyers and their Realtor went into the home and stayed only a few minutes and then left.  The Seller was very upset and being aware of the company that just showed the property, the Seller told their Realtor, they didn’t want to show their home to anyone else from that company.  The Seller’s Realtor tried to explain that the other Realtor may not have seen this property before and their Buyers had specific requirements that this home did not meet. There is also the fact that you may be violating some state and federal fair housing laws.

I always have my Sellers leave the premises when I show my listings, if they cannot leave, then I tell them to go sit in the backyard, walk or ride around the block .  The Sellers inhibit the Buyers comments about the property.  And it is a fact that sometimes the Buyers that criticize the property the most are the ones that come back and buy the property, at least that has been my experience.  So educate your Sellers and be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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