A sense of Amazement!

Today is not so much a rant and rave nor headbanging but more a sense of amazement.  As I wrote several weeks ago, one of my listings expired.  I had several offers which I felt indicated market value but as it goes the Owner did not agree and the listing expired and of course I then lost the listing.  Now here comes the new listing agent who, unfortunately for her, lists the property at the same price I listed.  Ok, I understand that, but now the Owner calls me and she want to use the sketches that I researched from plats and property records.  I may have been wrong but I replied that I researched them from the county records and she could easily do the same, but if she uses mine and there is a problem, I don’t want the liability.  After I communicated that, I felt bad. Should I have given her the sketches? What do you think?

Until next Monday, let’s be good to each other!


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What do we actually do?

Some weeks I worry over what I am going to blog about.  Some times it is a rant and rave and I usually have plenty of those being a “street walking Realtor” !  I don’t manage, I just list and sell so I have some amazing occurences.  However this week, I have a whole new topic.  What do we, as Realtors actually do, as in listing and selling?  In losing a listing a week ago, I rethought what I actually did to market the property and what didn’t I do or could have done better!

This subject came to me as my husband is appearing in court as an expert witness in a real estate transaction and made the comment: It is interesting as most of the public or our Buyers and Sellers have no idea what we actually do, and some think we charge way too much.  So to start at the beginning, we usually do a sales analysis of the property.  I don’t know about you but almost all of my customers want demographics – who lives in the area, financial capability, schools, education levels, community offerings, unincorporated or not, etc., etc. You are probably thinking: Why do they need all that information? If you are listing the property, you need to know everything you can about the area, and if you have the Buyer, they want all the information they can get. Either way, you need to be an expert in the community.  Marketing, advertising, explanation of listing agreement or contract aspects, addendas that are added and why, showings, negotiation, inspections, financing, closing statement and what encompasses the statement and why. I don’t know about you, but just reading the list is exhausting.  And this is a small portion of what we do.  So I don’t mean to go on and on but by the time you are through whether it is with the Seller or Buyer, sometimes we work way more than what we are paid and vice versa!

So my fellow Realtors let’s be good to each other and have a productive week!

Until Next Monday,


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Look to the Positives and Move On!

Today is one of those days. I am sure many of you have had. One of your listings expires and the Owners decide not to renew.  Rejection….an amazing feeling that encourages more negative feelings.  What did I do wrong? Could I have done more? What didn’t I do? Notice all of those comments are negative.  Turn them into positives that will help not hurt you: I need to change my listing presentation. I need to do more market research. I need  more Seller contact.  Take what we consider a firing of our job position, to regroup and review the positive aspects of our behavior.  Of course we have all had unrealistic Sellers, but it is our job to bring them to reality.  And for some Sellers it just doesn’t work….so instead of belittling our behavior, look to the positives and move on!

So my Fellow Realtors, be good to each other, and have an amazing week!

Until Next Monday,


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Farming: Still valuable in this day and age

My daughter in law is getting into real estate.  She has chosen me as her teacher, (I am not sure I am the best choice) but none the less, many, many years ago, a very good friend of mine taught a course called farming.  It is an amazing course that uses a mathematical basis for listing and selling in a specific area.  I can hear now the skepticism  in your minds of such a course.  However it does work, so I am going to farm again after all these years as I teach her the aspect of farming.  We are going to farm a country and at least 2 other areas.  I hope I can keep up with her.  Will keep you apprised of  how we do.   So thanks to my friend Deborah Boza-Valledor for teaching me this course, many, many years ago.  Farming: It is still valuable in this day and age.

Until Next Monday,




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Come Together…

Here I am finally at my computer after our unwanted guest Irma, came and went.  We were fortunate here in Miami as even though we had damage, it was nothing like other areas of Florida especially, the Keys.  It is amazing, how much we take for granted, electricity, television, air conditioning, everything is done for us.  My family has been collecting food, clothing and a host of other items for various areas in the Keys.  Our local Realtor Association, MIAMI, has donated $100,000 to the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund so that any member can make application for assistance.  Everyone has come together to help one another in times like these.

Disaster Recovery Resourcesbit.ly/DisasterRecoveryResources

So do what you can and remember those not as fortunate in your prayers every night.

Until Next Monday,


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Happy Labor Day!

Today we celebrate Labor Day.  This day was proposed in 1882 and made a Federal holiday in the early 1890’s to celebrate the social/economic conditions and achievements  of the American worker…that’s us!  What are these achievements, you ask?   “We are the architects of the American dream.”  We stand for the homeowner.  We help them find that place to call their own: home.  Through homeownership, children do better in school, go on to college.  Through homeownership parents become involved in their community.  We help to provide stability, equity and a great deal of confidence in the American way.

So today is a day to celebrate us and all the American workers.  This is our day ~ the American Worker. Congratulations to Us. Happy Labor Day!

Until Next Monday…

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Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund

I had another headbanger for you all this morning, then I read Dante’s Diaries, that Deborah Valledor posts everyday and I realized that we have so much to be thankful for. Twenty five years ago, Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida with a vengeance unlike anything we had seen or experienced before.  Thankfully, it was a fast moving storm and didn’t hang around like Harvey is doing in Texas.  The aftermath of Andrew was where I learned to use a chain saw, yes, I can chain saw with the best of them.  There was no electricity, heat like you can’t believe, cold food, etc.  So this weekend as I watched Harvey make landfall in Texas, I said a prayer or maybe many prayers, as I feel their pain, only their pain may last a lot longer than ours.  Harvey may be worse and cause so much more damage.  Florida Realtors has a Disaster Relief Fund that should be activated by now and hopefully, FR, NAR and other states will likewise help our fellow Realtors in Texas.  Hopefully, with our prayers and aid, Texas will rebuild better than ever.

So my Fellow Realtors, be good to each other and say  prayers for the Lone Star State as they are not alone, we are with them.

Contributions to the Florida Realtors Disaster Relief Fund can be made securely online: Contribute Here

Until Next Monday,

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