I ask a question and already know the answer.


Here we go again…..I know many of you all out there laugh or giggle at my rants and raves, but I will bet, these incidents happen to you all just like me…over and over and over again.  Here comes my Buyer looking to purchase a property,  not so abnormal….here I go to call and make appointments. Yes, and I expend more time TRYING to get someone  (even your child, babysitter or landscape service) to call me back.  Does this sound familiar?  I am sure we all have that problem. On one occasion, I swear I was going to call the owner, but knew I couldn’t, that it wasn’t professional or ethical…but after awhile?   What do I tell my Buyers…that they won’t call me back because they are trying to sell it themselves? Buyers could think I am being blackballed, my reputation is horrendous, or a vast majority of reason and certainly not the real one.  Is it not our purpose when we take a listing to expose the property to all and get the best possible offer or offers for our customers?  I guess I am wrong.  So my fellow REALTORS, we do the right thing because that’s what we are supposed to do!!

Until next, Monday….Have a great week!

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Is it unethical or unprofessional?

This is an interesting question that I am asking my readers: You take a listing,  you receive an offer, you convey that offer to the Owner…and then along comes another agent whose Buyer has indicated interest and that agent always asks: What was the offer that came in?

Is it me or is that a common question?  Many agents I have spoken to will give out a range or some will flat out tell you what the first offer is!  I always learned that you NEVER give out a range or the price.  I am also asked: Is that offer from your Buyer?  It’s almost like the other agent does not want to work to present an offer – they figure they are wasting their time.  I, on the other hand, am very competitive and think my offer is always the best, even though I have lost a time or two, or three.  So is it unethical or unprofessional?   Whichever it is, it’s wrong! The first Buyer deserves to be treated the same way that Buyer #2 or even #3 or whomever wins is treated.

So let’s try to be good to each other, let’s be REALTORS!

Until Next Monday…

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Volunteer…you’ll be glad you did!

  OK, over the last few years I have written about volunteering for your local, state or national  REALTOR Association and volunteering in your community.  I cannot tell you how much I  have gotten back…. far more than I have ever given.

In my local and state association, I have been fortunate to have received many referrals but I have I also given many more referrals.  When one of my customers (and they are truly like my  family) wants to move outside of Miami or even out-of-state, I can’t refer them to just anyone…  I need a REALTOR that will take care of them the way I do, with the same level  of professionalism, knowledge and expertise.  Volunteering has given me a much wider base of REALTORS to choose  from…really good REALTORS!

Through volunteering, I have made life-long friends that will help me whenever I need it.  Many times someone will call me to see who I know in some other city or state.  It is through my volunteering that I have this network of friends, it is better than Facebook!   Locally, transactions are so much easier when you know the REALTOR across the closing table.

By volunteering in my own community, I have increased my client base almost 10 fold. Real Estate is about relationships and  volunteering creates even more relationships.   It  is a win/win situation.  You can’t lose.  So give of your time.  As the old saying goes: “you reap what you sow”…it is so true.  Your harvest will be far more than the seeds you plant and you will be happier for it.

Volunteer…you’ll be glad you did!

Until Next Monday…

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What we have here is a failure to communicate!

In our business, communication is everything.  We go on a listing appointment, we are attune to everything our Sellers want or need to happen.  In the first 10-14 days we are almost in constant communication.  Of course in today’s marketplace, our listings seem a trifle overpriced, (myself included) even though we have educated our customers.  Now the real work comes…we need to be in constant communication, even though our listing is not getting much activity, even though we TOLD them what the comps  are.  It is at this juncture that we must continue to communicate even though we know they might not be happy with our information.  This is where most of our problems lie! So my fellow REALTORS listen to this famous clip,  some of you may be too young to remember (oh my, Paul Newman was THE ideal actor).  This is a classic line!

Let’s be good to each other…and a big shoutout to one of my loyal readers, Andy, whose business card encourages us to “Give a flower, Share some love”.

…until next Monday!

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It’s Like the Wild, Wild West Out there!

I got a call on a new listing…it hasn’t been 24 hours, if that, that the sign went up.  The sign was from a neighbor.  I gave him information and he made an appointment to see the property and the last comment he made was: “I have my own real estate company”.  Now the fact that he waited till the end of the conversation always leads me to believe that, instead of first identifying himself as a REALTOR, that he (like many of us), has gotten grief when we are looking to see a property that has just come on the marketplace. Sometimes (or more often than not) the listing agent wants to sell it for him/herself and not cooperate.  I myself have been in this same position multiple times.  Do we not know how to be a professional, ethical REALTOR? Now I am no different than anyone else, but I see my goal when I list a property to get the highest and best offer for my client. I almost think there are some days, when the market is like the wild, wild west and anything goes.  It’s like fighting a losing battle.  Oh well, I showed the property to this REALTOR, he made an offer.  Will let you know how it turns out.  Until then…

…let’s try to be good to each other and above all, professional.

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Remember the Word Negotiate?

I was remembering  today the word negotiate.   I know I am dating myself, but remember when you had an offer and you would meet with the Seller’s agent and the Seller and negotiate.  I sat through numerous negotiating seminars to learn about how to counter objections, re-educate the Seller on the marketplace, re-educating the Buyer on a too low offer and you could insult the Seller ad nauseum! Sometimes we even went back 2, 3, 4 times before we actually had an executed contract.  Now we speak to the fax, the scanner and whatever other machine is transporting your offer.  It’s great, machines don’t speak and we don’t have to justify anything any more.  Less work, we just drag those papers back and forth.  Interesting how machines have made our job easier…or less human. And we also get whatever our commission is and possibly not doing the same amount of work.  Soon, just maybe, a machine will do all the work and we just may be irrelevant!

Take heart my fellow REALTORS, I am not ranting and raving today, just reminiscing…Please remember to be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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I feel a rant and rave coming on!

I am about to make the bruises on my head reappear…I feel a rant and rave coming on! This past week I called to make appointments to show my Buyer several homes.  I also looked through the newspaper for any that could be FSBOs as we all know in certain price ranges the inventory is quite thin.  I find 5 good FSBOS….and proceed to call to make appointments.  How stupid am I….these are not FSBOS, they are listed by REALTORS that have not acknowleged the fact that they work for a company.  Why wouldn’t you admit you work for a real estate company and do you not know the listing really BELONGS to the Company?  Do these companies teach their agents anything or just hope they will turn a few deals and get lost?  Every single FSBO I called was listed.  Are they ashamed of their company or do they think they can attract more Buyers that way?  I don’t care who you are or who you work for, you need to have the company name in all your ads.  That’s the LAW and you can be fined for up to $5000 and/or attending several FREC meetings which means you have to travel to Orlando and sit through a 2 day meeting.  Now that’s a lot of Fun…and I am being truly sarcastic! So if you are not happy with your company, move, until then…no more ads with out your company listed!

So until then Fellow REALTORS, be good to each other and those that we represent and or work for!



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