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Get Prepared Now – 2012 is an Election Year!

I just returned from a Legislative Strategy Session sponsored by the Florida Realtors Association.  Kudos to John Fridlington and John Sebree for an amazing 2 day session.  Many of your local GADs (Government Affairs Directors) were in attendance as were Chairs … Continue reading

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Remember When…a look back and forward

I truly believe I am one of the lucky ones – a REALTOR who has been in the business for over 38 years.  Sometimes…just sometimes I look back and remember the so-called “Good Old Days”. Remember When: We were the … Continue reading

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How do you remember?

Everyone of us remembers where we were on 9/11.  What do you remember of that day and thereafter?  George Santayana, said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”   So true, but how do we … Continue reading

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Who do you inspire?

Mentoring, according to John Wooden, can be any action that inspires another.  Who is John Wooden and why is he considered ESPN’s Greatest Coach of the Twentieth Century?   His UCLA basketball dynasty won ten national championships in twelve years, … Continue reading

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