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How do you spell RESPA Violation?

How many times have you viewed a listing on the MLS and seen: transaction, compliance, storage, processing or statutory compliance fees?  These fees range any where from $195 to believe it or not $795.   No matter how you say … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

This is Thanksgiving week.  A lot of us are basically shutting our business down, maybe not figuratively but psychologically.  This is the holidays and many just go through the motions, not really putting forth an effort.  However this is the time to gear … Continue reading

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Sometimes, pictures really are worth a thousand words

This Monday’s post is going to be just a little different: short and personal.  A lot less words from me and a few more pictures.  I have been out in Anaheim, California since the middle of last week at the NAR … Continue reading

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How do you spell “Stress”?

Reading the morning paper or listening to the news is enough to make anyone stressed out. The economy.  The uncertain marketplace.  Living on commission.  I could go on for paragraphs, but the reality is that life, yes, every day life … Continue reading

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