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It is what it is…or is it?

An interesting phrasing of words but what exactly does it mean?   Does it mean what is here & now is it… and that it cannot be changed?  Does it mean it is what it is today and tomorrow it will be different?  Perplexing? Yes.  Confusing? … Continue reading

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Acronyms – The New Shorthand

Acronyms or as I call them, Initials??  Everyone has initials, but in this day and age, we abreviate everything:  CEO, FR, NAR, B4, B2B, LOL, IMAO….you need a PH.D to figure out what someone is saying and even then you … Continue reading

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Welcome to Monday Mornings with Matey

Every Monday Morning I will be sharing with you resources and information on topics like risk management, staying out of trouble with FREC, tips ‘n tricks on sales techniques, foreclosures & short sales and lots other ideas from my 30 years in real estate sales & management … Continue reading

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