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Without Inspiration: A box of matches will never be lit!

So, what  do I mean by this title?  Today’s topic is so long overdue…it is the day to be thankful!  Thankful to whom or what you ask?  Our Association staff, that’s who.  All of us Realtors go about our business, … Continue reading

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How do you start a fire?

What a weird title and what in the world does it have to real estate? Read on…I promise to reveal.  First of all you will need kindle. Kindle means to start a fire.  Kindle can also mean to give new … Continue reading

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What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

I was reading an editorial this past week about a speech Steve Jobs gave at Sanford University commencement several years ago (the link to this speech is to your right).  The excerpt that started me thinking was Jobs’ personal and … Continue reading

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Hearing is automatic…listening is not!

Last Sunday along with about 13 million other viewers, I watched Andy Rooney’s 1097th and final commentary on “60 Minutes.”   It was all about Andy Rooney and his life of writing. He said it was always amazing to him that people liked … Continue reading

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