Hearing is automatic…listening is not!

Last Sunday along with about 13 million other viewers, I watched Andy Rooney’s 1097th and final commentary on “60 Minutes.”   It was all about Andy Rooney and his life of writing. He said it was always amazing to him that people liked his writing.  I started thinking about that and that amazes me also. Not that I would consider myself in his league but that people connect with my blog.  When I began to write my blog, I never considered myself a writer, on the contrary I would rather speak to someone in person, that way I can see their face, their expressions and their body language.  I guess this comes from being a REALTOR for more than half my life.  As REALTORS, we sell face to face – we get instant feed-back.  When we write, we don’t get that type of feed-back. We are basically carrying on a conversation with ourselves, although we hope someone somewhere will read what we’ve written.  I have to admit to all of you,  sometimes it is difficult thinking of something to write about…I sit down at my computer and nothing and when I say “nothing” I mean nothing!  Then I go to a meeting or seminar, or show a property and hear something that rings a bell in my mind and there is my topic.  Seriously, everyday life and business are the greatest sources of inspiration for writing my blog.  When I listen to what’s going on around me, I have an endless source of topics to share on my blog.

I found it very interesting that Andy Rooney said that he has a hard time listening.  I do too.  Have you ever been listening to someone and all of a sudden you stop listening and are thinking of a comment you want to make when the other person stops talking.  Do you know how long the average person can listen before their mind begins to wander? 17 seconds.  The reason?  The brain wants to take a break and start processing what it just heard.  I guess my brain takes a lot of breaks!

Hearing is automatic.  Listening is the act of hearing with intention. Listening takes conscious effort – but it is so important.  Especially for us, especially for REALTORS.  Listening to our sellers.  Listening to our buyers.  Imagine all we miss by not listening enough. Listening for the buying cue.  Listening for the true objection.  We help facilitate the largest sale or purchase in most peoples lives and sometimes we truly don’t listen to what they are saying to us.  We are their consultants, they look to us for guidance.  We owe it to our customers to be better listeners.  Look to the right of this blog post – this week’s Tech Tips are not techy at all.  Just Ten Tips on being a better listener.  This week’s website link is to various articles about The Art of Listening.  I hope you enjoy.  And by the way, I love receiving your feedback and comments…keep them coming.

Andy Rooney, 34 years with CBS, 1,097 “essays” and 92 years young: “I’ve done a lot of complaining here, but of all the things I’ve complained about, I can’t complain about my life.”   Thank you Andy Rooney.  I promise I will try to listen more and talk less.  Easier said than done!

Until next Monday…

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