It is what it is…or is it?

An interesting phrasing of words but what exactly does it mean?   Does it mean what is here & now is it… and that it cannot be changed?  Does it mean it is what it is today and tomorrow it will be different?  Perplexing? Yes.  Confusing? Most definitely.

Today CAN be changed and tomorrow CAN be different.

I attended a meeting this past week and an interesting question came up – a question I thought that everyone already knew the answer.  Boy was I wrong! 

 As the Broker for an office, who is responsible?  The Broker of course!  That’s a given.  There are those of us (Brokers and Agents) out there, lots of us, that believe otherwise.  If one of our agents does something wrong, how can we possibly be responsible?  We can’t keep tabs on everything our agents do in the course of their business.   They are to blame,  not the broker.  WRONG!!!  The brokers ARE ultimately responsible for their agents and their actions.  

Brokers: If you have an agent that is making mistakes in contracts, dealings with the public, just plain screwing up, if you don’t make the effort to train…yes, you read right: I said train…AND correct their mistakes, YOU and your agent can risk YOUR license. 

So, how does an agent know what is right and wrong?  Real estate courses and exams give them the basics but you, as their broker, have to teach them the specifics and supervise.  All brokers should have an office policy in place that your agents sign every year that’s right, every year.  This policy states expectations, duties, policy and the rights and wrongs of doing business under YOUR license.  If they fail, even though you have tried to train, educate and direct them in the correct way, your liability is not absolved.  Mind you, there are always mitigating circumstances… such as a rogue agent (if I can use that description) operating out in the public arena, sans supervision. 

Many offices have a office policy, many do not, many haven’t updated it in years.  What is yours like? Check out the link to the right of this post for great information on Office Policy Manuals – Including samples and templates!!

 So, It Is What It Is can be It IS What We Make It!!!!

PS:  My husband’s birthday was yesterday!!! Happy Birthday Moe, we love you!!

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10 Responses to It is what it is…or is it?

  1. Kate Sebastiani says:

    Happy Birthday Moe!!!!

    Love the blog Matey!!!!

  2. David H. Brewer says:

    As a long-time broker, I have always felt that if a new Realtor kept me out of court during their first year, they were a success.

    • Matey Veissi says:

      You are so right but I have also found that if Realtors or Realtor-Associates are not supervised they can lapse into habits that can cause big problems for the Broker Owner or Qualifying Broker (as our licensing authority likes to put it).
      Thanks for your comment.


    great Start, Matey. A belated birthday wish to Moe. I might even call him. As far as your initials, LOL does not have to mean “laught out loud”, LOL also means “lots of love”. for now, TTYL.

  4. Don Asher says:

    Great reminder of Broker liability, looking for my policy manuel now to update if needed. Happy Birthday to Moe

  5. Judy Schomaker says:

    I look forward to your blog. Both have been very informative and useful so I can’t wait until next week. Please tell Moe Happy Birthday even though it is belated.

  6. Happy Birthday MOE!!! and good luck, Matey – behind you 1,000%

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