Acronyms – The New Shorthand

Acronyms or as I call them, Initials??  Everyone has initials, but in this day and age, we abreviate everything:  CEO, FR, NAR, B4, B2B, LOL, IMAO….you need a PH.D to figure out what someone is saying and even then you don’t know.  Sometimes I think that texting and email has basically taken us backwards.  Spelling tests, why do we have those anymore when we don’t need to spell, just speak in a different written language.

My sons text me and sometimes I have to call them to ask what it is they want as I can’t figure it out.  When I do finally realize what it says, I get excited , it’s almost like I aced a test!! Amazing!  But guess what, for the new generation of buyers and the ones right behind them, texting is their preferred means of communication.  Colleges are no longer issuing email addresses…it takes too long to compose and the students don’t use it anyway.  If we are going to serve all the buyers in the market we need to have phone skills, written skills and texting skills.  Look at the column to the right of this post and you will find this week’s “Link of the Week”.  NetLingo is a great resource for those of us who need some help translating and learning text messaging shorthand and Internet Acronyms.  ISSYGTI…..

TNM (Til Next Monday)….


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2 Responses to Acronyms – The New Shorthand

  1. I love the netlingo site and use it often. My associates are getting younger and younger…i had to change my phone plan to have unlimited texting just to communicate with this new generation. Great post, Matey. Thank you for making a difference. Great seeing you and Moe at Mid Winter. Til next monday…. ;o) ttfn

  2. Deborah Boza-Valledor says:

    Awesome resource for business and personal – Thanks!!

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