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Compliance: The Beginning and the End

So my fellow Realtors, I promised you a series on compliance.  Some of you are wondering what do I mean by compliance.  According to Webster, it means the act or process of complying to a desire, demand etc.  In real … Continue reading

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Possibly my BIGGEST rant of the year

Here it comes…this is my biggest rant of the month, maybe the biggest of the year!  I will probably have permanent brain damage from the wall/desk/floor pounding after my altercation with this Broker. Let me set the stage: I have … Continue reading

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Consistency and Follow-Up

Remember when we were little kids and played “Simon Says”?  You had to do anything Simon said or you were out of the game.  How about the game “Follow the Leader”, the same applied.  Fast forward to the present day: … Continue reading

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I feel a rant and rave coming on!

I am about to make the bruises on my head reappear…I feel a rant and rave coming on! This past week I called to make appointments to show my Buyer several homes.  I also looked through the newspaper for any … Continue reading

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Never stop learning…our profession demands it

Today, I am into risk management.  While involved in a transaction, the Buyer, who was my customer, backed out of  the transaction: 1) the property did not appraise, and 2) bank denied financing.  I had added 2 addenda to the … Continue reading

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Risk Management…The Sequel

Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all…coming to an office near you: Risk Management ~ The Sequel. More Risk Management Tips and Reminders for Brokers, Managers, Agents and Offices. Brokers – don’t forget to update your … Continue reading

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Risky Business…not the movie version

Probable Cause – What is it?   Why do we need to know?  Why should we care? If you or someone you know has a complaint filed against you to the Florida Real Estate Commission you need to know happens next: • The complaint … Continue reading

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