Educate your Sellers

I read an interesting article yesterday in the paper.  A Seller put their home on the market with a Realtor and with the first showing, the Seller instead of totally leaving the property, went across the street to their neighbor’s home and watched.  The Buyers and their Realtor went into the home and stayed only a few minutes and then left.  The Seller was very upset and being aware of the company that just showed the property, the Seller told their Realtor, they didn’t want to show their home to anyone else from that company.  The Seller’s Realtor tried to explain that the other Realtor may not have seen this property before and their Buyers had specific requirements that this home did not meet. There is also the fact that you may be violating some state and federal fair housing laws.

I always have my Sellers leave the premises when I show my listings, if they cannot leave, then I tell them to go sit in the backyard, walk or ride around the block .  The Sellers inhibit the Buyers comments about the property.  And it is a fact that sometimes the Buyers that criticize the property the most are the ones that come back and buy the property, at least that has been my experience.  So educate your Sellers and be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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