Maybe some of y0u are old enough to remember the picture of Uncle Sam in red, white and blue pointing his finger and saying “I WANT YOU“. That was a recruiting poster for the armed services.  So I am sure you are asking yourself right now, what does she mean by that? Remember, I have been ranting and raving about professionalism in every way, in almost every blog.  So why shouldn’t every Broker of every office require every new agent to attend one or two educational sessions over a period of time? These sessions can be about a new product or service, compliance issues, contracts, or whatever.  What does that do?  First, they learn something, second, they meet and network with other agents, third, they may be able to give and receive referrals.  Really, you say…yes and I am a firm believer as I have given referrals and received referrals, by attending local, state and national real estate meetings.  I am not giving my customers to some yahoo I never met.  I need to know the Realtor I am referring to and that they take care of my customers as I would. I attend many educational sessions, and yes I have been in business over 35 years and there are still new aspects of our business that I learn to make my business better.  You NEVER stop learning, and if you truly regard this as a profession, you will never stop learning.

So my fellow Realtors…I WANT YOU…togo back to class, to require your agents to do so…I PROMISE YOU…you will be surprised!




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