Robot or Realtor?

The future is upon us, but actually we are so behind, the future is here and some of us may be phased out entirely.  What am I talking about?  ROBOTS! Several companies, one in California, one in Brooklyn currently employ Bots to show real estate and take questions from Buyers.  Artificial intelligence, programmed into the Bots, can aid Realtors in showing property and simplify the process of selling property.  These Bots can also cost less for their services than the average Realtor charges.  Several other large companies believe that while the Bots can be helpful, the Realtor is critical to the transaction.   So think of all the machines that help us as Realtors, in our daily lives and think about what Bots may or can do…so what do you think?  Robot or Realtor …either way…let’s be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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2 Responses to Robot or Realtor?

  1. MyAgentLiz says:

    So over it, us agents are multi-tasking and can talk and research at the same time, even read contracts and discuss with clients while on the phone. Texting requires two hands, two eyes and 100% attention – Am I nuts, or is just gotten out of control – A quick yes or no question – I get it, but these conversations and discussions are horrible. Worse form of communication – what are your thoughts –

    “Your Referrals are the greatest compliment”

    Liz Iaconetti, Realtor The Real Estate Expert 813-404-4495 (Direct)



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