Look to the Positives and Move On!

Today is one of those days. I am sure many of you have had. One of your listings expires and the Owners decide not to renew.  Rejection….an amazing feeling that encourages more negative feelings.  What did I do wrong? Could I have done more? What didn’t I do? Notice all of those comments are negative.  Turn them into positives that will help not hurt you: I need to change my listing presentation. I need to do more market research. I need  more Seller contact.  Take what we consider a firing of our job position, to regroup and review the positive aspects of our behavior.  Of course we have all had unrealistic Sellers, but it is our job to bring them to reality.  And for some Sellers it just doesn’t work….so instead of belittling our behavior, look to the positives and move on!

So my Fellow Realtors, be good to each other, and have an amazing week!

Until Next Monday,


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