Common courtesy is virtually DEAD!

Common courtesy…Don’t think there is much of that anymore.  I am sure you have had some of these experiences:

  • You have a listing in the MLS and it says 24 hours notice.  I think some believe it is 24 minutes notice and of course they call you for a showing in an hour.
  • You are at your listing and waiting for an agent with a customer (note you have confirmed the time) and the agent calls after you are there and have turned all lights on etc. and says, “Oh my customer found something they liked better than yours“…it’s 10 minutes before they were supposed to be there.
  • The agent calls when they are supposed to be there any moment and says, I am sending my customer without me as I have to show one of my listings!!! Doesn’t ask if you would be so kind as to show…nothing!
  • And …the best one is they just don’t show up and you are there waiting.

Common courtesy is virtually DEAD! No Professionalism. No courtesy.  And they wonder why some people think we are lower than &#%@  So my fellow Realtors, please be good to each other, respect our profession and the people involved.

Until Next Monday…

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One Response to Common courtesy is virtually DEAD!

  1. Bob Willlmarth, Broker says:

    Way too true, and I mostly blame my fellow brokers for failing to instill and require common courtesy and proper behavior. Span of control is part of the problem. There are too many firms with a single Broker and far too many agents to supervise effectively, and too many team leaders who are not professional.

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