This is a Series of Serious Headbangers!

Today’s topic is a Series of Serious Headbangers!

I sell real estate in Miami and please comment if you have the same problem in your area:  There are more agents that don’t know what they are doing than the ones that do.  I mean, they cannot write a contract, have no idea what an addendum is and what it is for.  Disclosures….what are they?  And in many instances…the Seller has said that their agent filled out the seller’s disclosure.  They don’t know how to calculate the effective date and God forbid someone gives them a deposit, they hold it for several days.  They have a team name with no office name, so many Buyers and Sellers think they are a brokerage company.  They do something stupid and besides the Broker being liable, the agent on the other side of the transaction could also be in difficulty.  OMG – How to cure this?  Brokers need to train their agents – on contracts, disclosures and all aspects of the real estate transaction.  I can tell you that the majority of the agents I deal with in transactions, have no clue.  Many Brokers take anyone that is licensed off the street and figure them for 1 or 2 transactions a year, so why bother to waste time training.  So let me know if this is a problem in your area and what would you do to solve this problem.

Until next week, be good to each other!

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