Roadmap to Success

Yes, I know, I often tell you to set goals and those goals are your Roadmap to Success.  Many articles I have read seem to disagree.  Many people give you advice about how to be successful.  These people are usually successful themselves.  So it is easy for them to say.  And if you really push the successful ones, many will say they failed multiple times.  You can be passionate about your career but not work at it.  You can love something but again, not be willing to work hard for it.


For most of us the secret to our success is hard work.  We have probably failed several times.  Failure is a guide to sucess.  Some of the greatest inventions happened after incredible failures.  We learn from our failures and mistakes and we go on…maybe to fail a few more times.  Buried in those failures, is our success, we just need to keep at it.  As you look back at the first half of 2017, really look hard at your successes and build on those and look at the things that were not as successful and learn from them…and don’t worry if you fail, once , twice or multiple times, for success comes out of failure.

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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