Possibly my BIGGEST rant of the year

Here it comes…this is my biggest rant of the month, maybe the biggest of the year!  I will probably have permanent brain damage from the wall/desk/floor pounding after my altercation with this Broker.

Let me set the stage: I have 2 small condos for sale owned by an elderly woman.  They are located in an adult community and the condo association, over a period of time must have had some unbelieveable problems with tenants when they were rented and then with owners, so the rules and reulations are very stringent.  Now I have had 3 different buyers on one of the units and for one reason or another, the association has not approved the Buyers, (not withstanding that the Buyers didn’t quite follow the rules and thought they could game the system).  The 3rd Buyer would have been approved but suffered a heart attack and just could not do a physical interview so she backed out.  No problem….here is where I begin or should I say….lost it.  I emailed the Broker and asked for the condo docs back…no answer, and throughout 10 days, I emailed the Broker repeatedly with absolutely no answer.  The property is back on the market and now here comes an offer and I have no condo docs and no answer from last Broker.  I lost it, literally, figuratively and found the Brokers cell and called, and yes, I got crazy and the message I left I probably should not have, but said I was going to file a complaint from my local Association, professional standards, grievance,DBPR, FREC and anything else I could think of.  So of course, I get an email immediately saying my threat was offensive and unacceptable and that condo docs would be left at the condo next Monday.  Now you would think I would have let sleeping dogs lie……..heck no! I wrote back the amount of times I emailed with no answer and my parting shot was her lack of professionalism was offensive and totally unacceptable!  I know I should have shut my mouth, but I am so tired of the lack of knowledge, professionalism, and can totally understand why our average citizens think that many REALTORS are idiots, and it’s because there are more of them than us.

So now that I have permanently indented my head, desk, wall and floor, l will try to remember to tell you to be good to each other when I didn’t listen to my own advice.

Until Next Monday…Recuperating from my own Rants and Raves…

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One Response to Possibly my BIGGEST rant of the year

  1. tamparelady says:

    Too cute! U speak for so many of us!

    Sent from my iPhone


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