Consistency and Follow-Up

Remember when we were little kids and played “Simon Says”?  You had to do anything Simon said or you were out of the game.  How about the game “Follow the Leader”, the same applied.  Fast forward to the present day: Are we consistent and do we follow-up with our customers: Buyers or      Sellers?  As my kids would say – Not!

Why are the words consistent and follow-up important in our business?  If we don’t have a pattern or check list of the aspects of buying or selling in relation to our customers…we are hopelessly lost.  Follow-up is even more important as we can be guilty of abandonment of our customers and lose business because of it.  While I served on FREC, a case came up involving a REALTOR who was accused of misconduct because of general the way they conducted business.   The Buyers said  that the REALTOR never returned calls, never presented their offer and in general caused the Buyers to lose the home and their deposit.  The outcome of the hearing was the Buyers’s complaint was dismissed. The proof:  The REALTOR brought in his files of past customers from over 5 years ago and this particular Buyer’s file and the REALTOR had documented every phone call, every email, every letter, every aspect of the transaction (as was shown in all his other past files – the way this REALTOR did business) His follow-up was amazing and there was consistency in every transaction that was documented.  It turns out that the REALTOR in question had sent a return receipt letter to the Buyer advising him of the contract deadline and the Buyer was in danger of losing his deposit.  Needless to say, this Buyer had no recourse in the FREC hearing.  There are many court cases where REALTORS have lost commissions because it was deemed abandonment of their clients: No consistency and no follow-up. Don’t lose a customer or a commission: Be consistent and always follow-up!

So my fellow REALTORS, let’s be good to our Buyers and Sellers and especially to each other.

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