I ask a question and already know the answer.


Here we go again…..I know many of you all out there laugh or giggle at my rants and raves, but I will bet, these incidents happen to you all just like me…over and over and over again.  Here comes my Buyer looking to purchase a property,  not so abnormal….here I go to call and make appointments. Yes, and I expend more time TRYING to get someone  (even your child, babysitter or landscape service) to call me back.  Does this sound familiar?  I am sure we all have that problem. On one occasion, I swear I was going to call the owner, but knew I couldn’t, that it wasn’t professional or ethical…but after awhile?   What do I tell my Buyers…that they won’t call me back because they are trying to sell it themselves? Buyers could think I am being blackballed, my reputation is horrendous, or a vast majority of reason and certainly not the real one.  Is it not our purpose when we take a listing to expose the property to all and get the best possible offer or offers for our customers?  I guess I am wrong.  So my fellow REALTORS, we do the right thing because that’s what we are supposed to do!!

Until next, Monday….Have a great week!

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