I ask a question and already know the answer.


Here we go again…..I know many of you all out there laugh or giggle at my rants and raves, but I will bet, these incidents happen to you all just like me…over and over and over again.  Here comes my Buyer looking to purchase a property,  not so abnormal….here I go to call and make appointments. Yes, and I expend more time TRYING to get someone  (even your child, babysitter or landscape service) to call me back.  Does this sound familiar?  I am sure we all have that problem. On one occasion, I swear I was going to call the owner, but knew I couldn’t, that it wasn’t professional or ethical…but after awhile?   What do I tell my Buyers…that they won’t call me back because they are trying to sell it themselves? Buyers could think I am being blackballed, my reputation is horrendous, or a vast majority of reason and certainly not the real one.  Is it not our purpose when we take a listing to expose the property to all and get the best possible offer or offers for our customers?  I guess I am wrong.  So my fellow REALTORS, we do the right thing because that’s what we are supposed to do!!

Until next, Monday….Have a great week!

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One Response to Why?

  1. Tony Cordileone says:

    I was taught that if you call the listing agent and email them several times during the day… and maybe the next day… and if there is no response, I believe you have three options:
    1. Call their broker to see if they’ve been kidnapped by aliens.
    2. Call the owner and apologize for the call, however, you been reaching out to their agent with no success for ____ days. Can they please contact them… because I have a buyer.
    3. Move on.

    I’ve done the 2nd option numerous times in the past, and received several calls from the agent challenging me for calling “their” seller. I simply tell them.. “I’ve called you ___ times, emailed you and called your office… with no response from you. I have a buyer for your listing… let’s move on.

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