Is it unethical or unprofessional?

This is an interesting question that I am asking my readers: You take a listing,  you receive an offer, you convey that offer to the Owner…and then along comes another agent whose Buyer has indicated interest and that agent always asks: What was the offer that came in?

Is it me or is that a common question?  Many agents I have spoken to will give out a range or some will flat out tell you what the first offer is!  I always learned that you NEVER give out a range or the price.  I am also asked: Is that offer from your Buyer?  It’s almost like the other agent does not want to work to present an offer – they figure they are wasting their time.  I, on the other hand, am very competitive and think my offer is always the best, even though I have lost a time or two, or three.  So is it unethical or unprofessional?   Whichever it is, it’s wrong! The first Buyer deserves to be treated the same way that Buyer #2 or even #3 or whomever wins is treated.

So let’s try to be good to each other, let’s be REALTORS!

Until Next Monday…

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4 Responses to Is it unethical or unprofessional?

  1. David Brewer says:

    I do not ask the price of the first offer but if it is my listing, I do not object to the 2nd Realtor asking about the first offer as long as they understand that I am not going to supply the answer that they are seeking.

  2. Jean G. Dorazio says:

    Please be aware of Article 1, Standard of Practice 15, when responding to questions about who the offers are from.

  3. Errol Greene says:

    If you’re the seller’s agent don’t give out the information without express consent.


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