Volunteer…you’ll be glad you did!

  OK, over the last few years I have written about volunteering for your local, state or national  REALTOR Association and volunteering in your community.  I cannot tell you how much I  have gotten back…. far more than I have ever given.

In my local and state association, I have been fortunate to have received many referrals but I have I also given many more referrals.  When one of my customers (and they are truly like my  family) wants to move outside of Miami or even out-of-state, I can’t refer them to just anyone…  I need a REALTOR that will take care of them the way I do, with the same level  of professionalism, knowledge and expertise.  Volunteering has given me a much wider base of REALTORS to choose  from…really good REALTORS!

Through volunteering, I have made life-long friends that will help me whenever I need it.  Many times someone will call me to see who I know in some other city or state.  It is through my volunteering that I have this network of friends, it is better than Facebook!   Locally, transactions are so much easier when you know the REALTOR across the closing table.

By volunteering in my own community, I have increased my client base almost 10 fold. Real Estate is about relationships and  volunteering creates even more relationships.   It  is a win/win situation.  You can’t lose.  So give of your time.  As the old saying goes: “you reap what you sow”…it is so true.  Your harvest will be far more than the seeds you plant and you will be happier for it.

Volunteer…you’ll be glad you did!

Until Next Monday…

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