It’s Like the Wild, Wild West Out there!

I got a call on a new listing…it hasn’t been 24 hours, if that, that the sign went up.  The sign was from a neighbor.  I gave him information and he made an appointment to see the property and the last comment he made was: “I have my own real estate company”.  Now the fact that he waited till the end of the conversation always leads me to believe that, instead of first identifying himself as a REALTOR, that he (like many of us), has gotten grief when we are looking to see a property that has just come on the marketplace. Sometimes (or more often than not) the listing agent wants to sell it for him/herself and not cooperate.  I myself have been in this same position multiple times.  Do we not know how to be a professional, ethical REALTOR? Now I am no different than anyone else, but I see my goal when I list a property to get the highest and best offer for my client. I almost think there are some days, when the market is like the wild, wild west and anything goes.  It’s like fighting a losing battle.  Oh well, I showed the property to this REALTOR, he made an offer.  Will let you know how it turns out.  Until then…

…let’s try to be good to each other and above all, professional.

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