Remember the Word Negotiate?

I was remembering  today the word negotiate.   I know I am dating myself, but remember when you had an offer and you would meet with the Seller’s agent and the Seller and negotiate.  I sat through numerous negotiating seminars to learn about how to counter objections, re-educate the Seller on the marketplace, re-educating the Buyer on a too low offer and you could insult the Seller ad nauseum! Sometimes we even went back 2, 3, 4 times before we actually had an executed contract.  Now we speak to the fax, the scanner and whatever other machine is transporting your offer.  It’s great, machines don’t speak and we don’t have to justify anything any more.  Less work, we just drag those papers back and forth.  Interesting how machines have made our job easier…or less human. And we also get whatever our commission is and possibly not doing the same amount of work.  Soon, just maybe, a machine will do all the work and we just may be irrelevant!

Take heart my fellow REALTORS, I am not ranting and raving today, just reminiscing…Please remember to be good to each other.

Until Next Monday…

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