I feel a rant and rave coming on!

I am about to make the bruises on my head reappear…I feel a rant and rave coming on! This past week I called to make appointments to show my Buyer several homes.  I also looked through the newspaper for any that could be FSBOs as we all know in certain price ranges the inventory is quite thin.  I find 5 good FSBOS….and proceed to call to make appointments.  How stupid am I….these are not FSBOS, they are listed by REALTORS that have not acknowleged the fact that they work for a company.  Why wouldn’t you admit you work for a real estate company and do you not know the listing really BELONGS to the Company?  Do these companies teach their agents anything or just hope they will turn a few deals and get lost?  Every single FSBO I called was listed.  Are they ashamed of their company or do they think they can attract more Buyers that way?  I don’t care who you are or who you work for, you need to have the company name in all your ads.  That’s the LAW and you can be fined for up to $5000 and/or attending several FREC meetings which means you have to travel to Orlando and sit through a 2 day meeting.  Now that’s a lot of Fun…and I am being truly sarcastic! So if you are not happy with your company, move, until then…no more ads with out your company listed!

So until then Fellow REALTORS, be good to each other and those that we represent and or work for!



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3 Responses to I feel a rant and rave coming on!

  1. Michelle Rojas says:

    Limited liability companies do this. I’ve brought it up at meetings as it’s very misleading even for us as realtor but have been told they are in compliance.

    Michelle Rojas

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  2. Liz Iaconetti says:

    If Brokers don’t train the Realtors they are responsible for, I don’t believe there is a way to penalize them with exception of fines or when they get sued. However, what we as Professionals can do is socialize amongst the Boards and FAR the idea of possibly requiring new associates to attend and test successfully the Law and Ethics classes before being admitted to the Boards. Again differentiating Salespeople from Realtors. I do believe many Realtors just don’t know what they don’t know.

    • Matey Veissi says:

      The biggest problem is that the Brokers as you said do not train their Associates. And I do believe that the Broker of record forgets that they are responsible for the actions of their agents. The agents hang their license and do as they please. It is truly amazing

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