Who is the Professional?

I went on a listing appointment last week.  I had literally 3 major sales analyses and my own analysis of the property.  It took me over an hour to explain the whys and wheres of what, why and how in reference to the property and concluded with a sales range.  Then of course the Seller relates to me what price they want to net, which of course is above my final analysis of the property.  Now I am sure most of you all have had the same occurrence (most of the time).  Of course there are many of us, and you may be one reading this, that will take a property at any price and go for reduction after reduction in price.  Who is in control here?

Do you go into your Doctor’s office and say ….this is what’s wrong and this is what I suggest you do to treat me??  Of course, not.  I am not saying to walk away from a listing, what I am saying is you need to do your research on the property and the surrounding area and just not a 2 page CMA spit out automatically from the MLS.  Sellers are entitled to a competent professional to sell their property, not just a “Slam bang and give me my commission”. You need to, in many respects to prove you are a professional.  You need to do your homework.  You need to educate your Seller to the market place and the relative sales in the surrounding area.  You need to tell them the truth and there are many ways to do this, as there are many programs that can help you achieve this result.  This won’t guarantee you will obtain the listing, and I am certainly not saying you should walk away but the Seller will understand that you are educating them on the marketplace so that they can make a more informed decision.

So my fellow REALTORS, be kind to each other.

Until next Monday…


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