I am here to stay!!!

Ever since I have become a past president…everyone is asking if I will still write my blog.  But of course, I am still going to rant and rave and pound my head against the wall, desk or whatever is closest.  Also know that everyone of those instances that I write in my blog really  happened. Who could make that stuff up??? I live in Dade County and we have these instances happen every day, some weirder than I mention.  So know that i am here and would really like to hear if you had instances like these happen to you.  Please let me know that I am not the only one that encounters these amazing incidents.

Don’t forget you should have your goals and business plans in place by now.  If not it is never too late to plan, you can even change entirely if you find a better way.  So my Fellow Realtors, let’s be good to each other.









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3 Responses to I am here to stay!!!

  1. cynthia.shafer says:

    Its Sunday…….

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.

  2. By The Way, Matey, I am glad you are going to continue these posts. Really makes me feel better that we out here are not the only ones having issues. And you offer some really good suggestions..ones that we probably already know, but forget frequently.. Thanks, Jean A

    • Matey Veissi says:

      Thank you. It’s funny these things really happen and
      While I really love selling real estate as each transaction is different some of the agents are
      off the wall. Do it is nice to rant and rave cause I
      feel good after and also I hope to connect with you all out there as we are all in the same boat together

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