Executed Contract?

bang-head-on-wallOk, I am back to ranting and raving and pounding my head on the wall…the desk can’t take much more.  I received a contract 2 days ago for one of my listings.  My Seller accepted the offer but there was the wrong Seller’s name in the contract and there were a few other things that needed correction,  So my Seller signed and initialed everywhere she was  supposed to and it was sent back to the Buyer’s agent.

Two days go by and I emailed the agent and ask…….Where is the contract as I haveexecuted-contract another agent that would like to make an offer?”  The Buyer’s agent says: “We have an executed contract and I am awaiting the Buyer to send it back.”  What is wrong with that comment? I politely ( and I am having a hard time being polite anymore) say: “It is not an executed contract until, all signatures and initials are completed and the contract is delivered to me.  So either get it back to me or we will go with the other offer.”  So far I have not heard from her.  This agent owns her own office…I hope she has E & O.  So there are some days that I look up to the heavens and say…“Why me God…why me?”  I am afraid of the answer!

Let’s be good to each other and please know what you are doing so as to protect your customers!

Until Next Monday…Yes, I realize this is actually Tuesday…oh well

Monday Mornings With Matey

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One Response to Executed Contract?

  1. Errol Greene says:

    The contract itself states when the last of the parties has… and so forth.

    Part of offer and acceptance involves communication. An offer which is not communicated is not an offer.

    An acceptance which is not communicated is not acceptance.

    Communication usually involves the same method.

    For instance, if an offer is by mail, mailing acceptance is valid. There is also the issue of proving it.

    Ultimately the court can determine valid offer and valid acceptance. Things are not as simple as they may seem at first.

    It’s a good idea for real estate licensees to refrain from the practice of law.

    It’s also a good idea for attorneys to refrain from brokering real estate.

    When will people ever learn? One should stick to the ‘last.’ That is, what they should properly do.

    Again, real estate agents should not attempt to interpret the law.


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