Be Aware!

Safety first stampAs I made my way through various real estate activities this past week, two important issues became very apparent,  1) open houses and REALTOR Safety, 2) REALTOR Compensation. REALTOR Safety is a very serious concern…Open houses in rural areas or metro areas, both can provide vulnerable access for REALTOR’S personal safety and the safety of the Homeowner’s belongings.  In the planning of open houses, you should have several people with you and the property, especially if the property is filled with the owners belongings.  If empty, it can be even more dangerous, and multiple people should be with you, simply for protection.  Better yet, we all know that open houses, most of the time, provide Buyers for other real estate. I normally do not do them, but that is the decision I have made.

REALTOR Compensation….and yes, we cannot discuss commission, however, acrossfluctuation our country and abroad, compensation is fluctuating, which is a nice way of saying compensation is beginning to decline in many areas.  It is an area that we need to keep an eye on, if nothing else for our customer’s and our own knowledge.  Up, down or sideways,  knowing ahead of time is much better than being surprised.

Until next week, be careful out there, while being good to each other.

Monday Mornings With Matey

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