Respond: Call me, Text me…anything!

OK, today I am back to ranting and raving and by now I think I need a new desk as I have hit my head on my desk so many times that pens and pencils roll off.  So now I am starting on the walls!


Notice the title: it has to do with communicate or respond.  I attempted to make appointments to show property as I have done countless times in my years of selling real estate.  Notice the word “attempted”….do you think some agents would respond?…NOT, as my sons would say.  I started on Wednesday for a Friday showing, plenty of time, or so I thought…what an idiot I am, I probably should have start a month or so ahead of time.  Several agents, even though I did….Showing Assist, called, text, and emailed…yes all of the above, took a full day to respond but at least they eventually did.  One however, (he is from a very reputable company, which will be un-named) never responded.  I called and left 5 voice messages, 3 text messages, 2 Showing  Assist requests which said he had head on deskreceived, called his office and was told, they didn’t know where he was and lectured me on.. they are independent agents…to which I replied: the designated Broker of the office is responsible for their agents, and if you haven’t heard from them in some time , you need to find them as …THEY ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!! Of course I am speaking to someone who answers the phone but by that time, I was ready to #!@* So I kept calling but by now voice mail was full….so I called the office again and asked for the manager, who came on and was very nice and said I was not the only one who had called…and she gave me the same blah blah blah….they are independent agents.  By that time, I said…”My customers picked this property out to see, can you please help me as I just want to show the property?” … I was ready to beg, by now.  At midnight the next day, I get a text message from the agent saying his phone was broken and he just now got it back, to which I replied ..Could I show the property the next day and gave a time……Still have not heard from him.  So I am sorry to rant and rave to you all but my poor husband is sick of hearing me and I was going to call the Owner of the company but refrained…..

So to all my Readers…has this happened to you?  Please let me know as our Florida REALTORS President Maria Wells has put me on a work group referencing Professionalism and I want to be armed with more than my war stories.  Thank you all for your continued support and my constant ranting and raving, I love this profession…and yes that is what it is but some days, I just wonder.. So my fellow REALTORS, be good to each other and hopefully you won’t have my problems!

Until Next Monday,


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One Response to Respond: Call me, Text me…anything!

  1. cynthia.shafer says:

    Yes its happened and no responce is frustrating. I know a new desk is on the way!

    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.

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