Never forget that it is all about the members…

head on deskToday I am digressing from my usual head banging about the problems I encounter in the world of real estate.  Many of you all have commented on these posts that you too have encountered the same in some way, shape or form….and sometimes even worse!

After this coming weekend, I have officially finished my duties as the installing officerFlorida map for Florida REALTORS.  As I have traveled, literally all over the state, I have been truly amazed at the level of leadership that I encountered on the local level. I have met many leadership teams from across the state and was blown away at the level and commitment of all of these REALTORS as they have achieved success in their local associations.  I commend them for their volunteer time that they have devoted to their members, and I truly believe that Florida REALTORS has benefited tremendously from these individuals.  Their Association Executives are to be commended for their continued search and mentoring of these REALTORS.

A Century of ServiceOur members, our profession and our customers benefit from our involvement. You collectively lead us into the next 100 years of Florida REALTORS.  And so, I am grateful for having met, listened to and benefited from the time that I have spent this year among our volunteer leadership. I harbored a secret thought that maybe I was an adequate leader, certainly not the best but maybe not the worst.

My 2016 leadership team is truly amazing and made me a better volunteer, President membersand REALTOR during the time I spent with them.  The new team coming in will be even better as they move into new roles. So I truly believe that Florida REALTORS will be even better as we move into the next century.  Never forget that it is all about the members…that is who we serve.


Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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4 Responses to Never forget that it is all about the members…

  1. Matey,
    And we as members have truly benefited from your leadership. Thank you for all you have done, all you do and all you will do. Merry Christmas,Jean Armstrong

  2. robinraiff says:

    Matey, Thank you for your Time and Talent during your year as our leader. I know that in fact it is was more than a year of your time and wanted you to know how much you are appreciated. Strong & Caring Leadership such as yours is why I stay involved. Thanks again.

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