All Cash Transaction…Really?

bang-head-on-wallIt amazes me how other REALTORS see real estate transactions!  If a REALTOR calls you on one of your listings and says….”I have an all cash offer for your listing”, I think that’s great and  await the contract…but wait…there is a catch! And it is again a head banger or better yet it’s a stand up and bang your head against the wall as this one is truly original!

Here comes the contract “an all cash deal”… with a financing contingency…WHAT??money pile After reading the contract, I am amazed at this interpretation of all cash.  I guess if you really pushed the definition to outer space and back, if you were totally senile, you might be able to stretch that to…”well the Seller is getting all cash at closing”.  Maybe they believe the listing agent is a total head on deskmoron and doesn’t read the entire contract.  This is just one of those occurrences that make us run look in a mirror and say…” Did I really just read that, and how do I tell the other agent that they are what?  So my fellow REALTORS, is it just me that attracts the weirdos, a magnet for nuts or am I the weird and/or am I the nut? There are some days that I wonder if I am in the minority…and then there are days that I just rant and rave!

This week I will be back in Orlando and attending NAR meetings.  Hope to see you there. Until next week…be good to each other.

Until Next Monday,

Monday Mornings With Matey

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1 Response to All Cash Transaction…Really?

  1. Vilma Lopez says:

    Dear Matey I feel the same way 😦 Yes some so called agents are doing the best they can to be creative making offers, or asking for the most nonsense contract terms, instead of taking a class on how to fill out the contract in a professional manner.

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