How Do You Start a Fire?


What a weird title and what in the world does it have to real estate? Read on…I promise to reveal.  First of all you will need kindle. Kindle means to start a fire.  Kindle can also mean to give new life.  How does this relate to our business?  Sometimes after being in the real estate business for years, we can become complacent, going about our daily business in a rote fashion.  We do the same things over and over again – sometimes without even thinking about why or what we are doing .

Come on fellow REALTORS.  We need to light a fire!  We need to breath new life into our business.  It’s time to kindle!  Brokers and managers: It’s time to stir our sales associates up, it’s time to stir ourselves up!  We need to challenge ourselves and our sales associates.  How do we do this, you ask.  First it has to start with ourselves.  Do we really know what’s going on in the real estate world today…now?  Who are today’s Buyers and Sellers and how are they different from those five years ago?  Are we aware of what today’s Buyers and Sellers want and need?   They are the drivers in this economy.  Are we doing the best that we can or are we doing just what we did last year and the year before?

Look at your reflection in the mirror: What do you really want and how far away are you from that goal?  What do you have to do differently to reach that goal – whether it’s number of units sold, number of buyers closed or maybe it’s a dollar income goal – how are you planning on getting there?  Who holds you accountable for your production? Who holds your feet to the fire if you don’t produce?  Are your goals written down?  Do you do a monthly or quarterly review of your progress? Have you ever attained those goals? How much do you want to attain that goal?  I heard a great quote several years ago at a CEO Symposium from Mike Staver of the Staver Group – it has stayed with me all these years, “All it takes is COURAGE,  Continuing Onward Under Rigorous And Grinding Experiences”  We need to kindle our COURAGE…the courage to change now…the courage to continue past a challenges in our market.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

            So what are you going to change about next year, and why wait ‘till then?

 68 days remain in 2016…2017 is just around the corner.

Light that fire and keep it burning!  Resolve to make 2017 different.

Until Next Monday…

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