Mix and Match Doesn’t Work Here!

Have you ever heard of the saying different strokes for different folks?  Doesn’t work the same for contracts.  If you are going to use the FAR/Bar don’t use the FR addenda and vice versa, it totally screws  up the intent of the contract.  Each addendum is to be used mix-and-matchwith it’s companion contract.  Using different addenda with a different (wrong) contract can leave you swinging in the wind if the Buyer chooses to default or it may place your Seller in jeopardy as to the intent of the transaction.  Just about every 3rd or 4th  transaction I am involved in, the other REALTOR uses one type of contract and a different addendum, and I always go back and ask the Buyer’s agent to please use one or the other but don’t mix them. In some instances they tell me I am nuts, or I don’t know what I am doing.  At that point in time, my husband usually tells me…..don’t be so aggressive! I guess I just don’t have patience anymore.  How can you help your customer with the biggest transaction in their lives and not know what you are doing?  For those of you that read my blog, most or maybe even all of you know the right way , but it is sure scary that the majority have no clue!

So until my next head banging episode, have a profitable week!

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4 Responses to Mix and Match Doesn’t Work Here!

  1. SanibelSusan says:

    One of my biggest gripes too & I’ve found that most offenders don’t realize their mistake until it’s pointed out to them. Keep that education coming! 🙂

  2. Matey Veissi says:

    Thank you, I always wonder if it is just me that has the problem!!

  3. Liz Iaconetti says:

    OH MY – I was beginning to think I was being anal, really. No common sense, and no training. Florida Licensing training, doesn’t cover Real Estate Training well enough. Before going a Board or being accepted as a member it should be required that they take a class in Real Estate Etiquette and basic contract knowledge. I guess it is more important to collect the fees than protecting the public.

  4. Matey Veissi says:

    thank you for your comments.

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