You know what ASSUME means!

head on deskThis week my rants and raves are at myself for being somewhat naive.  I was contacted by the relative of a customer to put several pieces of property on the market.  I assumed…yes, assumed…and you know what the word means…if not break it apart: ass…u…me. When you assume something, you make a donkey out of you and one out of me!  Oh well, I forgot for a moment…maybe a senior moment….and prepared all the paperassume work, made keys…everything that is supposed to be done, ran all around and before I hit submit on the MLS, I remembered….I needed to get the listings signed.   So proceeded to the Seller and said, “Please sign“.  Two days later, he says, I can’t as the property has to go to court.  It shouldn’t take long he tells me. Three days later, I find out he doesn’t own the property…his mother does and she is still alive and competent!  So the supposed Seller is not the Seller and has no right to sign anything.  Fortunately, the true Seller calls and sends me all her paperwork, saying she is the true Seller and signs the listing agreements.  However, I should have gotten correct information before going through all the paperwork.

So, my fellow REALTORS, learn from my stupidity – assume nothing and get all the information up front.

Until Next Monday…

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One Response to You know what ASSUME means!

  1. Errol Greene says:

    Matey, very good point.

    As a long-time trainer I’ve advised agents to ask to look at the deed. If the person can’t or won’t furnish it that’s a red flag.

    If you’re not looking at exactly who’s on the deed, look further.

    Inspecting the deed can prevent problems and delays.

    Could be a case like you describe. Also, estates not always handled correctly.

    It there was a divorce a deed before final decree and a deed afterwards must be prepared differently.

    Look at the deed…..



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