There ought to be a law….

keyboardWhen I write these blogs, I often think of my years on the Real Estate Commission.  There were some heartbreaking stories and some flat out, no holds barred, dishonest agents, the ones that make us all look bad.  And nowadays, it feels like there’s more of them than us!

I don’t understand how a Broker can hire multiple agents and not teach, instruct and monitor their behavior and transactions.  It is rare that I find an agent that knows what they are doing and follows through to do their very best for their customers.  Many of them don’t read the contract, have mixed addenda, don’t get all the signatures and in general dothere-ought-to-be-a-law their very best to screw up the transaction, all the while not knowing what they are doing or how to do it the correct way.  All of this now means that I, or we, have to make sure all is correct or we can be held liable.  Then after all of that, they stand at closing with their hand out for the commission.  As the cliche goes…….There ought to be a law…..Wait there is…but enforcement is sometimes too late in coming.

So my fellow REALTORS, may you go thru your transactions never having to deal with all of the above! And thank you for allowing me to rant and rave!

Happy Labor Day2

Until Next Monday…

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