No If…and…or but!

Team 1Our real estate world has a multitude of real estate teams.  These teams are made up 2, 3,4 and sometimes as many as 20 or more REALTORS.  They have designated Buyers agents, Sellers agents, secretarial personnel, assistants…lots of staff!  They can produce more volume than a one-person show, so to speak.  However…don’t you just love the however… they, in many instances (and it is getting more frequent), forget they work for a company.  And the main point here, is that the designated Broker of that company is responsible, if and when, they violate real estate license law.

Here it is loud and clear: YOU CAN NOT ADVERTISE yourself and or your team, IfsWITHOUT THE COMPANY NAME YOU ARE LICENSED WITH! No if, and or but. I don’t know how many ads I see with pictures of the team…without the company name, and sometimes they do put the company name there but unless you have a microscope, you can’t read it.  The Broker of the company is responsible for the acts of their agents.  Brokers can’t say “I didn’t know what they were doing“….Brokers need to be aware of everything Teams are doing as part of the responsibilities of having an agent(s) work under your Broker’s license.  The Broker is as guilty as the team and or agent when rules and laws are broken.

So my fellow REALTORS, protect your license, respect your Broker and your company:  FOLLOW THE LAW.

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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