Who Do You Work For?

Bang head on wallHere I go again: Even though I am moving my office, I can still find a wall, box or just the hood of my car to beat my head against!

We are independent contractors…YES we are…But (and don’t you just love the But) unless you are a Broker (notice I said Broker not Broker Associate), we work under an office or company name. That having been said: I see more written advertisements and business cards that show the agent’s name and then all the pertinent information: cell number, office number, email, website, etc.  No where is there the office or company name.

Unless you are a sole proprietor, you work for a company and that Broker of DBPRrecord, or designated Broker of that company is responsible for you.  What that means is that if you do something illegal, that Broker has to answer alongside you for whatever F.S. 475 law you broke.  You can both lose your license, whether that Broker is aware or not. I see many offices that have hundreds, thousands of licensees and the Broker has no idea what the sales associates are doing!  As I traverse and work in my market (Miami), I run across many REALTORS, that have no idea what they are doing and truthfully, many could care less.  And when I try to gently (and trust me I say gently) to educate them, most have no idea as the only head on desktraining they have had is the licensing courses they have to get thru to obtain their real estate license.  I am not out to educate the world, but in a real estate transaction, if the other side does something wrong or illegal, it can come back to bite me….as I am the other side of the transaction. I know, I know I have written about this before, but it doesn’t get any better.  I will stay quiet and continue to beat my head on my desk. Enough said!

So my fellow REALTORS, let’s be careful out there! Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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One Response to Who Do You Work For?

  1. Jane Collins says:

    Dear Matey, Please continue to educate, even though it gives you a headache! I got my license back in the dark ages when it took four months, one quarter at junior college, and am amazed at how quickly they give out licenses now. No wonder they don’t really know the law or ethics. When I did it, those were the two courses I had to take. Go figure. Anyway, keep up the good work! Jane

    Jane Collins 904-753-2211 BHHS Chaplin Williams Realty Chaplin Williams Rentals


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