Don’t you just love the BUT at the end of a comment?

ad1Advertising – We used to do more in print form than we do now on the internet and especially social media. However, it still tells our customers about our listings and sales, and our accomplishments. But….don’t you just love the BUT at the end of a comment?

But when we advertise our listings or our sales, do we give credit where credit is due and still stay in compliance with real estate license law?  You are probably thinking…what does she mean give credit, I sold/listed the property, the credit is mine and/or the cooperating REALTOR. I think that many times, we forget who is in thead3
transaction with us…and I mean the real estate company we are licensed with.  Time after time, I read ads that have the agent’s name but no company name.  I receive eMails all the time that have no name but the agent’s name.  Granted the agent does the actual selling but the Broker, as in the company, is the one that actually OWNS the listing.  Many of us don’t realize that or remember that.  If something goes wrong, the Broker of that company is liable. He or She can lose their license if the agent does something wrong.

ad4So my fellow REALTORS, make sure that the company name is in your ad whether it be emails, social media, website or print and remember, make sure the company name can be read . Yes, you sold/listed the property, but the company is YOUR silent partner.  Let’s be good to each other…treat each other as you would like to be treated.

Until Next Monday…yes, I promise it will be on Monday!


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2 Responses to Don’t you just love the BUT at the end of a comment?

  1. Errol Greene says:

    BUT is the great eraser – erases what precedes it.

    Watch out for ‘but’ and ‘by the way’


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