Be Careful How You Answer!

QuestionWhile going through the Sunday paper, I came across an article that spoke to me….about a blog.  Inevitably, while showing homes, the Buyer will ask….Is this a good neighborhood?… Is there a lot of crime here?…What are the neighbors like?… Are the schools here very good? These seem like ordinary, innocent questions, but are loaded for trouble for you the REALTOR!

Prior to showing, develop a list of sites for your Buyerswww to search for answers to these questions.  There are a multitude of sites on the internet  for the Buyer to find all the answers they need.  Many times I am asked about the neighborhood, and I will take the Buyer around and we will walk the neighborhood and I let them ask the neighbors some of the questions. Most of the questions can be answered easily through the internet sites and by visiting the neighborhood police stations,  school sites, etc.  RPR through NAR has a great deal of demographics for Buyers, i.e educational background, average age in a neighborhood etc.  However, if you, the REALTOR, answers these questions, you can be held liable for your answers.  And we all know about steering, and I don’t mean driving a car.  So be very careful when you open your mouth to answer questions as you may have them come back to haunt you.

Take care my fellow REALTORS, let’s be good to each other.

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