Be Nice to your Title Company

closing docs1You are going to ask what does being nice to the title company mean to my transaction? Well, with the new laws in effect, many lenders and title companies are refusing to give the agent with the Buyer the closing documents (old HUD1) prior to the closing.  Maybe 1 out of every 2 transactions I am involved in, I have found errors in the closing documents.  Now if you can’t see the documents prior to closing and the corrections have to be made before closing that triggers a mandatory 3 day waiting period, some buyers and many sellers are walking away from the transaction.

What is the solution? Be nice to your title company from the get go and they will be more title agentcooperative in getting you the closing documents for review AND Educate your Buyers and Sellers to hand  over a copy of the final settlement disclosure immediately to you after receiving from the lender so you can check for any errors and/or any omission, and you will save your Buyers and or Sellers a lot of time and effort. Reminder: It never hurts to be nice!

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