Read – Please!

I don’t know about any of you but when I take a listing, I put specific instructions in theno pets MLS Broker remarks on the property.  For example: under pets in the MLS……yes or no.  I check no and go on.  I get calls to show and then they tell me when I am showing…they have a cat or a dog…..(do you not check the box on pets?)….so I figured that there is a small area in the MLS in Broker Remarks I put in capital letters …NO PETS and at the next showing or phone call I am told…they have a small dog or a cat…now tell me is this a pet or what?

Now for the area of showing instructions, oh this is an area that NO ONE READS, I amsupra1 convinced. I get numerous calls when I have an electronic or Supra lockbox on the property (this is to insure that Realtors don’t give the combination to their clients….and yes many of them do). So I write detailed instructions on how to get into the gated community, the times, everything but giving them the property! In almost every instance, I am ekey1called and asked how do I show.  Please tell me that there is something wrong with me and not them, tell me I am too detailed or they can’t read or they have a disability.  Please tell me there is something that I am not doing the right way so that I don’t sit at my desk and bang my head on the desk several times, then pick up the phone and tell them what I wrote in the MLS word for word.  Yes I am ranting and raving…..not foaming at the mouth yet but give me time and that too might happen! And so my fellow REALTORS, hopefully this is not happening in your area.  So let’s be good to each other – READ before scheduling –  READ before Showing!

Read First

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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10 Responses to Read – Please!

  1. People have forgotten how to read. And analyze. And think. Xoxo

  2. Vicky McPhee says:

    Amen to that and it’s not just you – LOL!

  3. Kevin Kent says:

    Thanks for your post, Matey! You often bring humor to frustrating situations in our business while educating and helping to remind us to be more professional. Thanks, again!

  4. Errol Greene says:


    Errol Greene

  5. You are on the money! I love you!

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