The Best you can be!

ghost writerAs you all know, I had a ghost writer last week..the Florida REALTORS Mid-Winter Meeting had literally consumed my time for over a week. My ghost writer is a very special individual. SHE is an incredible writer, photographer, blogger, best friend, REALTOR and I could go on forever.  SHE started me blogging. When I said….”But I can’t write”, she said just talk to people and then capture those words…your readers, your fellow REALTORS should be able to hear your voice when they read your words.  And I did just that…wrote was I was thinking…wrote how I really speak…and then to help me even more, I have learned mountains of information from my readers from all over the country.  All because SHE started me off.  So my heartfelt thanks and love to HER for all SHE has done for me.

So you are probably thinking after all that, what does the title have to do with that? Well assuper bowl 50 I write this, Super Bowl 50 has not been played yet! The Best is yet to come in football.  How did they get there, what did they do to get to the ultimate game of football? They worked hard, they practiced day after day after day…relentlessly.  So now you see that  work ethic spills over into our profession.  We work at it day after day! To be the best you can be…whether to achieve so many listings, solds, sides, best team, highest honors, you name it.  We all want to get there……..but you gotta work at it, it is just not handed to us!  There is one football player, that I will not name, a young man just beginning in pro football I think for 2 years.  He thought he didn’t have to work, he believed his own press and could have been the Best of the Best but the work ethic was just not there and neither is he!

So my fellow REALTORS remember to stay safe and Be the Best you can Be!

100 years

Until Next Monday,

Monday Mornings With Matey

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