Florida REALTORS PACThat’s what most REALTORS ask!  Why?  I can only give you my perspective…..I give because it is my business insurance.  Now I can hear you answer:  but I have business insurance.  No you don’t, not like this!

I have automobile insurance and (knock on wood) have not had an accident in some timeRPCTE Button and for Miami that is saying something.  And it is aptly named…it is insurance in case something happens…and it may never happen but we pay every 6-12 months religiously.

So why RPAC? There isn’t enough room in this blog to tell you why…suffice it to say, we would have a sales tax on every commission we receive, and we did for some time pay an occupational tax, but don’t now, we have a reduction in our real estate license renewal every two years and so on besides the cost of guarding private property rights of which the majority of us are homeowners.  So these are but a few of the reasons that I give to RPAC and the biggest reason in my life is that between my husband and I, we have over 70 years of developing our real estate company.  Now we aren’t a Coldwell Banker or a Douglas Elliman but we are Veissi and Associates of which we are inordinately proud and we would truly like our sons to continue on in the profession, but if our local, state and national governments continue to craft laws and ordinances that make it more difficult to operate in our chosen field, then our profession is doomed to extinction.
TallahasseeNow I am not suggesting you give mega bucks…..unless you wish to….but stop and think if each and every Florida REALTOR invested just $20, it would be amazing what we could accomplish. This coming week is the beginning of the 2016 Florida Legislature and we, the Florida REALTORS will be descending upon Tallahassee to lobby for our industry and the taxpayers/homeowners we represent. So Florida REALTORS, whether you stay home or travel to Tallahassee, $20 isn’t so much to invest in your business….now is it?

Until Next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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