Role Reversal

A New Year, a New Beginning…so how about a Role Reversal in your business: Have you ever put yourself in your customer’s position? Have you ever really sat down and thought from the beginning:

  • How I would like to purchase a home?
  • What would I want to know?
  • What would I expect your Realtor to know?  
  • How would I want to communicate?, Text, email, phone call, in person visit?
  • Do I want the information and just go out and cruise the neighborhood, or do I want someone that knows the neighborhood?  
  • Would I be ready to buy  or just on a tour of homes?

It’s interesting to switch roles in your mind and then re-evaluate the way you approach a QuestionBuyer or customer.  It’s not just about the commission. It’s about a home and a seamless transaction so that your customers thank you for your efforts and are more than willing to refer you to everyone they know.  That’s a true commitment to our profession, and our customers.  Remember, for most people, this is the biggest financial commitment they make in their lives so make it a satisfying experience for them and you. Think about it!


Happy New Year to all. Florida REALTORS is celebrating our 100 year Anniversary!! So Happy Anniversary to all of us!!

!00th Anniversary

Until next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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