It’s truly better to give than receive

Dante Friday FaceI follow a blog called Dante’s Diaries, and it’s about a little Maltipoo that has thoughts about people and the world around him.  He is an adorable little dog that has a temperament that you wish most people you know would have.  He is smart and doesn’t really have a vicious bone in his little 5 lb. body.  His blog today was about giving over the season and not so much receiving.  Now we all like to receive, but think deep down and doesn’t it just do your heart good to see someone receive and that you helped  them to receive.

Every holiday, my husband and I would get the name of a family that needed some helpGive over the season, so we began to put together a list of the things to make a dinner, gifts for all in the family and with our sons would take it to this family.  We wouldn’t stay around long… just long enough to say hello and leave.  One year we all served dinner at Camillus House, which caters to the homeless. Every year we do something like that.  Now that our sons are grown, it’s interesting to watch them do the same, just in different ways.  I was reminded of this by my little friend, that it is truly better to give than to receive.

PS: the blog is really written by my little friend’s owner, but I choose to believe that Dante writes it! Yes…

I believe

until next Monday…

Monday Mornings With Matey

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