Stress Management

StressedYou know, I used to teach Stress Management at a local University.  I was looking back to my old blogs and realized I have never blogged about stress.  It is very pervasive in our society today.  What with all the technology, you would think we would have time to de-compress, relax…..but how many of us do?  We multi-task, we make lists in our minds, many of us can’t sleep at night as we are thinking about what we have to do tomorrow.  If that is you, then it’s me Helptoo.  So how do we control stress… that we eat causes stress, how you say……caffeine, expresso after dinner or at 3 pm, tea, chocolate….all of these foods add to our stress..they cause our metabolism to speed up and in turn that works against us.  The more stress we have, at home, at the office, showing property etc., that all works against us and in turn stress can be detrimental to our immune system, which means we can get the flu, cold or any numerous ailments as stress works against us.

So how do we reduce stress?  Well, we can’t stop working, but we can take vitamins, especially vitamin C as C helps our immune system, we can limit our caffeine intake to the mornings instead of all day, or try decaf anything…tea, coffee.  And last but probably the best way to reduce stress is…….Exercise….yes, ride a bike, run, walk, go to a gym, I don’t care what you do! But sweat profusely a minimum of 3-4 times a week.  Truly this will reduce the stress and clear your mind, and you will feel better.

Until Next Monday…


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