I hear this phrase over, and over again: What does giving to RPAC do for me?   I respond:

  • Do you have auto insurance?                         RPAC logo
  • Do you have homeowners insurance?
  • Do you have medical insurance?

I am sure that most of you or dare I say, the majority of you, have all three.  You have these insurances to protect your auto, home and physical well-being.

Florida REALTORS PACRPAC is your business insurance.  It has afforded me hundreds of dollars in what would have been legislation that would have passed on the local, state and national level, had not my/your/our RPAC dollars been at work.  We really don’t think of that.  We think it’s an extension of our dues, or something someone dreamed up to obtain more dollars to give to our legislators. Giving Investing in RPAC enables me to stay in business without onerous taxes, more license fees, tax on my commissions, extension of flood insurance, no deficiency judgement for our short sales and there are many more instances, but I don’t have the room to expound.  Homeownership Matters Rally

I want a legislature, state and national, that agrees with the American dream of owning a
home. I want a legislature that allows me to stay in business and that protects my business so that I can pass it on someday to our sons.  So my fellow REALTORS, it you don’t give invest in RPAC, you won’t need to pay for auto, home or medical insurance… because you will be out of business and won’t be able to afford them.  Click here to invest today!

Until next Monday,

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