Those were the days!

RW1I was imputing a new listing yesterday and started thinking back when we didn’t have computers and we had to fill out MLS forms and a photographer had to take pictures.  We had huge books and I RW6remember someone coming to see one of my listings that had a book with the front pages torn out which was supposedly illegal.  Oh Lordy!  Then we had a machine that spit out listings on a roll of paper that if you left it out too long it faded so bad you couldn’t even read it.  Those were the days when we thought we had a lot of work.  

RW3Now we have iPads, tablets, iPhones and all sorts of Smartphones! We can see listings in aRW4 whole area on our phones and instantly communicate with the listing agent.  You would think we would have more time…NOT as my boys say…we multi-task so much that sometimes we are in danger of losing the personal touch with our customers.

Real estate, no matter how many machines we have to do the work for us, will always beRW5 about your relationship with your customer.  You will always have to prove your worth or value to them.  You will always have to develop a trust factor and knowledge of the marketplace.  Only then, will they respect your knowledge and expertise and allow you to guide them in probably the largest purchase they will make in their entire lives.  And then if you keep in touch they will become your customers for life and you will, in many instances, be part of their families.

Until Next Monday…

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