Everything old is new again!

farmingIt’s raining today and that got me thinking back to the time when we used to market our listings and ourselves the old fashioned way.  I know we don’t knock on doors anymore but we can market to our sphere of influence, our friends, our families and specific areas.  In other words, we can farm.  I don’t mean with a hoe, dirt, seeds etc.  Farm, we can research an area that we have sold or listed in, or our own neighborhood, or an area that we like and market ourselves in that area.  Once a month or more often if you wish, send out a piece ofsocial media advertising, about yourself, or about the area, or the time of year, or whatever and send it out to your farm area. Soon, residents in that area will look to you for their real estate information.  The new way of advertising is social media, Facebook etc., if you are like me, unless an email has something of interest, I trash it,….and yes you might trash a piece from the  mail but you will look at it before you trash it.  Sooner or later, the name will be in your mind and if you are so inclined to sell/buy or whatever, just ask about the market, you just might call me.  So I am not saying social media doesn’t work, but it is not the only way to market yourself and your business.

Until next Monday…


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